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    "Let's start this week off with a hot topic... and a very touchy one, at that. Dog fighting has been brought to the fore-front, as of late. This is a good thing and also a bad thing. Michael Vick finally admits his guilt, too. That's a good thing. I would love nothing more than to see him receive the maximum penalty for what he did and what he took part in. I won't go into the details, I just wanted to touch on how important to me this is. Vick or no Vick... it's good to see something being done about animal cruelty."

    "I have two dogs and four cats in my household. What can I say? I love my family. That's what they are. FAMILY. I couldn't even imagine ever doing anything to hurt them. Those of you reading that know ME as a person, you know exactly what I'm talking about. My dogs understand English. I talk to them the same way I would talk to any human being. My mother always loved animals, so I guess that's where I picked it up from. But this whole indictment on Vick has been one of the most gruesome stories I've ever even read. Killing dogs is bad enough. But to kill them after you have forced them to fight... and the WAY they're being killed is just mind-blowing."

    "At least there's one good thing coming out of this. Letting the entire world know that this kinda thing happens in our world. And the fact that you can get into SERIOUS trouble no matter who you are is great. Maybe we won't ever have to hear about this again. I'll tell you this, though: If you're reading my blog right now and you fight dogs or have been a part of anything close to this... I hope you rethink what you've done. I really do hope this case helps you understand how big of a deal it is to do things like that to animals. And if it hasn't helped you... and the fact that you've been a part of it in the first place... that just shows how sick you really are."

    "Good job goes out to the feds on this one. War Vick in jail for a long, long time (you'll understand if you listen to Jim Rome on the radio)."

    "Lastly, I want to talk for a moment about respect. I touched on it a little bit in my blogspot blog. Check that out at I currently have a few trainees at the Five Starr Wrestling Academy. I will be teaching these guys respect from start to finish, because that's what this business needs. I might not have done such a good job on Matt Boyce, the first and only graduate from the Academy. Matt was on RAW this past Monday... and hasn't even called me to talk about it. You see, some guys forget where they came from. They forget who helped them get where they are. Don't get me wrong, he's not signed with WWE... but he's a step closer because of the people who helped him along the way."

    "I'm proud of him for what he's doing, don't get me wrong. There's just a lack of respect here. And there's been a problem with it business-wide for a long time. I will keep you updated on the new trainees, from here on out. You want an update on their first workout? One threw up. One blew up. So, we have a LOONG way to go before we see them in the ring."

    "I hope you enjoyed the column this week. Check back for more updates."


    "I just wanted to start this blog off with a picture that was posted on the main page. I just have to elaborate on exactly what is going on in the picture. Take a look again:"

    "Does anyone know what this is exactly? Whoever said 'window' is correct! But, what's that all over the window? Well, someone (and I wish I knew who) had the bright idea of covering the window up so no one could see in. You know... the wrestlers actually change their clothes in the locker room. So, it was a good thought. But as you see in the photo, wrestlers do things a little differently than any other form of people that I have ever met. Someone just taped up pieces of a cardboard box onto the window. Mind you, they didn't even cover the entire window, just bits and pieces."

    "That has to be one of the funniest things that I've ever seen. I mean, you're talking about a group of guys who fix EVERYTHING with athletic tapes. Terry Funk once did an interview on Memphis television with electrical tape over his injured eye... ELECTRICAL TAPE. Tape fixes everything. Maybe they should've just taped the entire window up so no one could see in? Unbelievable."

    "Brian Tramel, if you're reading this right now, I need your help. I want you to investigate this and find out exactly who is responsible for what you see in the photo above. If you can do this for me... you'll be a REAL dirt sheet writer."

    "How frickin' hot is it in Memphis, Tennessee right now? Well, yesterday my thermometer said 108! Can you believe this? And people call ME stupid for paying someone to cut my yard for me. I'll tell ya right now, it's worth the money I have to pay just so I don't have to get out there and cut it myself. It's miserable."

    "Speaking of the heat and being miserable... Super Summer Showdown was held OUTSIDE on Saturday. It was an all day event that ended up being really good. I think there were over three hundred people there at one point... but the company didn't see it as a huge success. Well, for it being as hot as it was, I think it was a big success. We drew more people than we usually do... and these people had to sit out in the heat!"

    "I would like to thank all the fans that showed up for us out there. I had a chance to meet and greet many of them... even though some of them didn't take too kindly to me. I really just now started to kinda understand that fans really can hate a wrestler. Fans also are very forgivable. So, take that for what it's worth. I won't elaborate."

    "We also had a chance to play softball on Saturday afternoon at Super Summer Showdown... err... well, TLCW did. I didn't. They started the game before I got there, and I got there ON TIME! That's right, I was actually ON TIME! By the time I got changes and on the field, the score was 23-3. TLCW was being murdered my the Ripley Fire Dept. and the Ripley Police Dept."

    "I was embarrassed. Not only was I embarrassed by the score, but I was kind of embarrassed that the other wrestlers didn't seem to care. They were playing around and throwing water on one another to the point that the umpire just called the game. We weren't going to come back from that lashing. And it didn't really look like we even cared about it. Some of the guys did... so don't get me wrong. But most of the guys aren't athletic enough to do anything other than the crummy matches they have every week anyway."

    "See you at the shows. Thanks for reading. Also, check out"


    "This is a very touchy subject, I'm sure. Who's to tell anyone that they have no business in any business? That's like my parents telling me that I'd never make it in the wrestling business. I've done everything in my power to prove them wrong. So, like I said... who's to tell anyone that they shouldn't be in the wrestling business? Well, it's my site, my blog... so I'M here to tell someone that they shouldn't be in the business. And sometimes that's not necessarily a bad thing. It could be a compliment."

    "Just a few months back, I was actually told that I might not be cut out for the wrestling business. The reasons given involved my lack of drug use, my lack of dangerous and outrageous behavior and several other reasons that I will not discuss on this family-oriented website. So, in this case, someone told me that I might not be cut out for the wrestling business and it was a compliment. To me it was, anyway."

    "Now, as I think back on it... maybe I'm not cut out for this business. I mean, I'm not the cookie-cutter cut-out of a professional wrestler. I actually own my house. I have a new car. I do have insurance on myself, as well as my vehicle. I don't have a drug problem. And I don't mean to rip on the other guys. But if you know anything about the wrestling business, for years and years guys almost lived in their cars. Some lived in hotels, on the road. They didn't want to commit to buying a house or a car. Money was scarce in wrestling and they didn't need the extra expense. Drugs were rampid, just like in the music industry. Wrestlers are just like rock stars. So, don't think I'm just ripping on the other wrestlers. I'm just saying that I was made from a totally different mold than they were. I'm one of a kind, for sure."

    "I know that most of you are scanning this blog looking for names. You want me to mention names in my blog that way I can get heat with promoters and the guys in the locker room. Is that what you want? Sure it is! But I have a better game. How bout I just say how I feel and you fill in the names?"

    "I hate guys that aren't commited to the business. They want to be the 'top guy', but they don't want to act like it. They ALWAYS want to take time off from wrestling. For whatever reason they want to take off for, that's totally up to them. But let me ask you something. If you're not where you want to be in this business, do you REALLY think taking time off is going to help you get there? Whether the reasons are personal, professional or whatever... if you take time off from your dreams... do you ever reach those dreams? Also, if you only wrestle ONCE every week (and sometimes not that much), do you really think you're going to benefit from taking time off? Hell no. Noone ever gets better by taking time off."

    "Now, you can fill in many names in the description that I gave you above. So, you make that decision yourself. But I'll tell ya this much, it's not just one person. There are several guys out there who think they're owed the world... but they don't have the commitment level to even come close to being correct. They aren't owed anything. If I looked at the business the way that they do... I'd just quit."

    "Thanks for reading. Check out for more. Thx."


    "This was a very eventful week for me. As you may know, I have a new blog up every Monday at I have a logo on the left side of this page that will click you right to the blog itself. If you've read it, you know that I had a big night of wrestling on Saturday at Autozone Park. I won't talk about that here because the night is detailed there. So, check that out. On top of that, I went to see two movies over the weekend and played nine holes of golf. So, when I get a little time to do a few things... I like to take advantage of it."

    "I was totally excited about Friday. Why? Well, if you know anything about me, then you know I'm a huge mark for The Simpsons. So, when their movie was finally coming out, I HAD to go see it the first night. I like to support anything that I'm a true fan of. I guess because I'm not a huge mark for very many things... but when I am a fan of it, I show support. Anyway, I was so excited about this movie that I actually went online and bought the movie tickets there. This way, I knew I could get in. I wasn't going to be sold-out of watching this thing, that's for sure! First time I ever bought movie tickets online. I'll definitely do it again because I didn't have to wait in line like I usually do."

    "The movie itself was GREAT. Nothing short of great. I loved it. It was funny, witty and the movie was timed out perfectly. Whoever wrote the movie is a pure genius. Timing is everything in the wrestling business, but it's everything in a movie too. This one was right on the money. It showed some of the 'old-school' Simpson wit. I give the movie... well, FIVE STARRS! It's a must-see, even if you're not a fan of The Simpsons."

    "I'm sure most of you are thinking, 'What's S.S.S?' Well, I'm about to tell you, so chill out. Super Summer Showdown! Now, some of you are STILL thinking, 'What's Super Summer Showdown?' Well, I'm about to tell you that too. It's the next supercard from Ripley, TN's TLCW. Last time, Mayhem was a huge success at the National Guard Armory. This show really had a 'big show' feel to it. The people showed up for it, too, so it made it a successful night. Well, this time around, we're going to be outdoors at the park. As far as I know, this is still on as an outdoor show. Well, what's so big about this? Well, all the big matches will take place here. It will be where it all ends... again. Jerry Lawler is coming out to beat the hell out of The Golden Boy. I'll be there to finally end the on-going feud with Christopher O'Neal. And Hot Topic will settle their differences with The Posse. And I'm not just saying this because I'm main eventing the show... this who will be a huge success. This company has it all in place to be very successful."

    "The TV show is good. They're using their time effectively. They're giving the boys time to tell their stories as best as they can. And finally, the people WANT this night of action. So, if the people WANT it... they will come to SEE it. Could be a very big night for me. I won't elaborate, but hopefully I can sooner than later."

    "Hopefully, any news I give my fans, you can read it here first. But every now and then, you'll see it on some internet dirt sheet. There's two of them so far that record what's going on in the Mid-South area. I know the promoters HATE it. One site even announced who's getting paid and who's not getting paid at the shows. Since when did this become dirt sheet news? I don't think it's anyone's business how much anyone makes or if they're making anything at all. I guess I understand that some people would like to know about it. It's inside information. Of course, the fans would want to know. But, I just don't understand why someone who is IN the business would want to share any kind of information like that."

    "Spoilers will always be online. It happens to WWE. You can read what happens on every single TV taping from TNA, WWE, ROH... any company. There's no way to keep that stuff a secret. But I should never have to worry about pay... or personal lives being brought up on the internet. I can understand some of the stuff that gets posted, but some of it I can't."

    "I have never really had problems with the dirt sheets. They usually are very friendly with me. I usually get great reviews from them, as well. So, anyone who is looking to rid the internet of these dirt sheets... don't hold your breath. They aren't going anywhere. But sometimes, they should look at the information that they're posting and use better judgment when posting. Hell, I read one time that I actually HAD A HEART ATTACK! How funny?"

    "Be sure to click the link on the side of the page or just go to to read all about the show at Autozone Park. Thanks for reading."


    "It's that time again. Wednesday is becoming one of the busiest days of the week for me. The blog takes up a little time, but other things are seeming to fall on the same day now. So, I'm posting this a little later than normal. I try to get it out early... but this week it was a little tougher. I have a few topics to talk about, as usual. So, let me get right down to it."

    "This Saturday night, the 28th, Memphis Wrestling makes it's debut at Autozone Park in Memphis. Right after the Redbird's game there will be a huge night of action, as we'll be taping television right there in the middle of the baseball diamond. Sounds pretty cool, right? It doesn't matter if the Redbirds are in last place in the division... they have Memphis Wrestling coming! Should be something that will be talked about for a little while at least. I'm glad that I'm a part of it purely for the fact that it's the first time this has happened. Redbirds have one of the most popular minor league teams... and they're the minor leagues for the St. Louis Cardinals... the Champs. I am not a Cardinal fan, nor am I a baseball fan. I'm more of a football person, myself. But I'll take this opportunity to get some good photos that I can keep forever. This will be something for the memories."

    "I just hope the people come out to see it. Redbirds aren't doing so hot, as I mentioned before. But maybe we can help them draw a crowd for at least one night. I'll have a ton of friends and family there. I was able to get several comped tickets for the event. My mother and some family should be there in full force. Looks like it would be a perfect night for new Tag Team Champions."

    "I'm having a ton of fun in TLCW right now, as well as Memphis Wrestling. In TLCW, I have much more freedom. They let me really spread my wings. If I fly, I fly. If I fall, they let me fall. Of course, I have to hear about it... but that doesn't happen. I never worry about falling. So far, all my ideas have worked out for the better. The company is really working as a team more than ever right now. We're all working together to get some of the younger guys over (not that I'm old or anything). I don't mind it because it gives me the opportunity to take a week off every now and then. We give them the chance to step up in the spotlight, and most of the time, they run with it well."

    "Like this week. I'll be wrestling at Autozone Park, so it's fine. There's guys there that can pick up the slack for a week. If Five Starr's out any longer than that though, the company could fold at any second. Derrick King and I had great match this past weekend. I can't wait to see it on The Pulse TV show. Should be a great match to send off to some of the larger companies. I had fun and it always feels good to beat the hell out of DK."

    "The last thing on the plate is a tournament to crown the best wrestler in the Mid-South. I haven't decided yet if I am going to be a part of this tournament or not. It was supposed to happen on Sunday. The date was switched around for whatever reason to August 18th or something. It's at the New Daisey Theater. One part of me says that if he's going to pay, then I should be there. Another part of me doesn't even care about the tournament. I haven't gotten the full list of who is going to be there yet... but I have heard some of the names through the grape vine. Trust me when I tell ya, some of them should NEVER wrestle in a tournament to crown ANYTHING... much less the best wrestler in the Mid-South. So, if you have any feedback on the matter... should I do it or not... let me know. It's an outlaw promotion, so I'm sure most of you haven't even heard about it. And if you heard some of the names on the list other than DK, myself and Alan Steel... you're probably not interested in seeing the others anyway. There's your best three in the area, right there. Flash would probably top the list if he was still in town."

    "Same time next week. See ya."


    "Hello again, everyone. I have a few things to say, today, as there's a lot going on. A few things I want to run through real quickly are my trip to Indiana and Sam's Town's big show this Friday night in Tunica. Those are two that I want to hit on real quick because I like to keep everyone updated on my progress and what's going on in the world of professional wrestling as I know it. But the other thing that is really eating at me right now is the indictment of Atlanta Falcon's QB Michael Vick. That's a very touchy story for me."

    "Let's start on the lighter side of things, first. My trip of Evansville, Indiana was a total and utter nightmare. The TRIP was. Not the actual show. The trip was a long and exhausting five hours of driving. I guess that's an hour for every Starr (Five Starr, get it?) Five hours there and more than that on the way back. We got to the show at approximately 9:30pm. Brian Christopher and I had a helluva match. Brian is probably one of the greatest wrestling minds that I have ever met. His ideas and his personality inside the ring is second to none. He knows his stuff... and he lets you know if you don't have his same vision. A few guys found that out the hard way, Saturday night. The match was great and the crowd was hot. I had a blast at the show."

    "On the way home, that's where the problem came in. Not only did the trip take longer than five hours, but there was an awful reason that happened. Following directions like I was told... we ended up in Illinois. That's right, we ended up from Evansville, IN to the outskirts of Illinois. Think we went a little bit out of the way? Well, how's 250 miles out of the way for ya? Of coarse that's there and then coming back. It was a nightmare to say the least. I actually pulled into my driveway after 9:00am. I didn't get my usual Sunday round of golf in, that's for sure. I'm actually still trying to recover from that weekend. I may never be the same. But on the bright side, I did meet some very interesting people in Indiana."

    "This Friday night at Sam's Town Tunica, Memphis Wrestling is putting on a huge show. Not only will this show be headlined by Sid Vicious versus Jerry Lawler... not only will Jerry Lawler supposedly be served court papers... but Dustin Starr & Tatt2 will vie for the Southern Tag Team Championships, FINALLY! Too Kool II have held those titles numerous times. But what a lot of people may or may not know is that I am a former two-time Southern Tag Champion, myself. So, I'm going for my third tag title, this time with Tatt2. Some of the previous matches that we've had with Too Kool II have been some of my favorites. We have done some very interesting things as of late, and I'm having a ball with it. Hopefully, I'll be able to bring home some gold... then, win some money at the Blackjack table!"

    "Next, I want to say a little something about Michael Vick. I won't go into a full-fledge detailing right now, because I may need to simmer a bit. Plus, I plan on really discussing this on My other blog that I've just launched to discuss a wide variety of different things. But Michael Vick needs to have the book thrown at him. After reading all the horrible things that they have found in that house... I can't believe there's even a question as to what to do. Dog fighting training equipment... bloody carpets and blood stained walls... over 60 dogs recovered from the house... need I go on? Well, I will, that way you can be the judge. Also, not only did they find all of that stuff there, but they have evidence that Vick would execute the dogs that didn't perform well. He would drown the dogs. He would use electricity to kill the dogs. He would HANG the dogs! Can you believe that someone would be so heartless to do such a thing to a helpless animal? I can't! I have dogs and cats and I'm an avid pet lover... and to think that someone could even do such a thing to an animal is beyond me. They're even saying that Vick would pick the dogs up and slam them to the ground to kill them. Bones were found at the house. DOG BONES! Horrible. The story makes me sick to my stomach. I don't think I can go on talking about it here."

    "I will regroup my thoughts and post a little more on it later. Be sure to check out Thank you."

    JULY 12TH, 2007 - THE BUSINESS

    "A day late, but nevertheless. I just lost track of time and track of the days in the week. Just a few things I want to talk about. Of coarse, I'll spend some time on the subject of this blog... the business. There's a lot of it to talk about."

    "As you all have read on the main page, a couple of friends of mine were booked on a few WWE shows this week. Jon Michael, Christian Jacobs and Derrick King were at the Smackdown / RAW shows on Monday and Tuesday. Nothing of note happened on Monday, but on Tuesday it was a different story. I'm being told that a few of the guys were disappointed because they didn't work a match. Well, I can totally understand that. I've been in that position. But what's the second best thing you could do when you're there? Be an extra in a segment that is going to be on worldwide television. Or even better, take some bumps and bruises on worldwide television. So, DK, JM, and CJ all were in a skit with Edge's celebration turning into a huge massacre with Kane taking everyone out. From what I'm being told, everyone thought Derrick took the bump of the night. Being launched over the top rope and taking a huge bump on his back (on the floor) without ever touching the ropes or anything... yeah, I've seen him do that before. It looks nice, Derrick, but that bumps getting old. Just ask Perry Saturn. Stop showing off DK. Jon Michael took the big choke slam from Kane. And CJ, well, he got a big Kane boot right in the face. So, sounded like these guys had a lot of fun... and got paid very well for their efforts. Maybe someone up there recognized their talent. That's what the whole point of even going is."

    "Another part of the business I want to talk about is guys listening to constructive critisism. Some guys hate it. Some guys love it. I'm a fan of it if it comes from someone who I actually respect in the business. Or from someone who I can actually learn something from. If you've been in the business for two seconds and you try to tell me how to do something... grr! I compare it to the skinny little kid that has the nerve to walk up to you at the gym and tell you that you're doing something incorrectly. Now, that never happens to me, but I've seen it happen to other guys. I only wish that would happen. I'd have plenty to tell the kid. But anyway, I'm rambling. What I wanted to do was point out a fresh new tag team that's been working with me in TLCW... a tag team that I love to help because they do listen and they do get better each and every week. Maybe I shouldn't mention their names here because then I'll have to hear about it for weeks on end from here on out. I'm talking about Genocide. They've been doing a gimmick on Memphis Wrestling where they're Kevin White's security, if you're not familiar with TLCW. These guys are good. They listen. They get better. And if they're given the chance in Memphis Wrestling, they could very well be Southern Tag Champs (that is, unless Tatt2 and I win them first). Anyway, I wanted to give some props to Genocide this week because they have been bugging me about putting them on here... plus, I wanted to give them a compliment and let them know how great of a job they're doing. I think everyone is very pleasantly surprised with their work, thus far."

    "My golf game is getting a little better. I was able to play 36 holes last weekend. 18 at Davey Crockett and 18 at Galloway. I almost beat the hell out of an old man on Sunday at Galloway. He was the golf pro and he was yelling for everyone to hurry. I just turned around and told the guy I was with (whom I barely knew) that I was about to hurt the old man. I looked back at the guy and told him to shut up. Nothing more was said. At Davey Crockett, Bill Rush (Memphis ref) and I shot a round. Bill's better than I am, but I took notes. I was able to pick up quite a few tips from the old referee. It was fun. I think the next time around, we're going to invite Randy Rockett. Yes, THAT Randy Rockett. I spoke with him yesterday and he shoots in the 70's. So, I'll take a great ass kickin' from him on the course."

    "I'll be in Evansville, Indiana this weekend. Brian Christopher and myself and squaring off against one another again. Should be a good match... but the trip is going to really suck. Five hours there, five hours back. TEN hours of driving this weekend. I'm REALLY not looking forward to that. That's Saturday. But on Friday night, I have Jackson, TN at Bill Dundee's club. Should be nice to see the Superstar again. So, until next time... keep reading!"


    "Sorry there was no blog yesterday. I know, I know... it WAS Wednesday. But it was the 4th of July! Did you actually think I'd be sitting in front of a computer on the 4th of July? Heck no! I was at the pool getting some much-needed rest!"

    "What did you do on your 4th? Well, I tell ya what I did. I went to Clarksdale, MS to hang out with some friends and family. I sat at the swimming pool all day long and drank til I quenched my thirst. Also, I ate a little deer meat steak, catfish, baked beans, strawberries and bananas... it was great. The food was good, the beer was cold, and the pool felt very nice. So, when you see me show up this weekend to the wrestling shows... you'll be able to notice a nice bronze tan. Thank goodness for the 4th of July. Hopefully, a few pictures will be released on the site of that glorious day. I was actually invited to a wrestling show in Memphis... but declined. I'm glad I did."

    "Things seem to be falling into place, as far as wrestling is concerned. TLCW's The Pulse is probably one of the best independent wrestling television programs that I've seen in a long time, and Memphis Wrestling has a few big dates coming up, as well."

    "TLCW is growing leaps and bounds. I don't think we've even hit the tip of the iceberg yet. With this new TV show, the sky is the limit. Just as long as we keep giving the guys who need to be on TV the actual airtime. Some of the guys on the crew need a little more work before they get a major role on any TV show. I have some inside information on what I'm able to expect in the coming months, and it looks really good. New Blood Wrestling is still calling. But due to the fact that there's a good TV show and the fact that management wants to take care of Five Starr... I don't think I'll be going anywhere. But never say never. There's no need to do a double-shot from show to show if I'm being taken care of by one show. Right? No need to be extra greedy, right? Big surprises to come in TLCW thanks to yours truly. Just stay tuned. I'm waiting on them to release the show on It's in the works and I'll let you know when it's finalized."

    "Memphis Wrestling really took a turn for the better with me, last weekend. Finally, Tatt2 and Five Starr get an opportunity to chase Too Kool II for the Southern Tag Team Titles. Now, for those of you who follow my career, you know I'm a former two-time Southern Tag Team Champion. Those titles were won with Kevin White. Now, I have the chance to go for them again with probably the most athletic wrestler in the Mid-South area. Tatt2 and I are challenging Too Kool II week in and week out. Hopefully, we'll get our shot at either Sam's Town on the 20th... or perhaps Autozone Park on the 28th. I'd love that. Don't miss out on those shows. They're shaping up to be very, very good."

    "One other thing that is starting to fall into place, now... The Five Starr DVD. There hasn't been a name attached to the idea yet. Meaning, the DVD does not have a title, as of yet. But I have a few that I'm thinking on. Maybe 'The Five Starr Showcase'... or 'Starr Struck with Dustin Starr'. Who knows? But, one thing is certain, I have started the script for it. Look for there to be plenty of action and lots of interviews. Slated already, I have a WWE star that is willing to go on the record for Five Starr. I can't tell you who, but you'll be interested to hear what he has to say. The DVD, when ready, will be available at shows around the area, as well as on DUSTIN STARR.COM."

    "Until next time, I hope you enjoyed the company."


    "What a week it's been. I don't want this blog to entirely be about the Benoit Family Tragedy. I actually look forward to Wednesdays, just because I know it's my day to post one of these. I love telling stories to you, the fans. I love being able to have an open forum to say anything that I want to say. Today's blog will be longer than the usual blog because I want to post an article that I read yesterday about wrestling tragedies. It's interesting, but I'll get to that in just a few moments."

    "First, I want to touch on the Chris Benoit topic and be done with it. This, to me, is a total shock. I've had the opportunity to meet Chris on several occasions when I was called up to do a few shows with WWE. He wasn't overly friends, but then again, who is? I didn't talk to him or hang around him enough to be able to judge what kind of person he was. But I have watched him on television my entire life (almost). I feel like the guy was a friend of mine because I was able to witness so many of his matches and so many of the highlights of his career. I think I'm more angry than anything. Just angry that something like this even took place. I'm just sad and angry that his career that he worked so hard for... the legacy that he worked so hard for, will always be remembered by this tragic event. It sucks. I can't stand to even think about him smothering his seven-year-old to death with a plastic bag. I can't stand to think about ANYONE doing that... EVER. Incredible. Maybe I'll have more to say on this subject at a later date. Right now, I'm just emotionally stressed about his situation. I wish it never happened."

    "The article that I wanted to share with everyone is listed below. I don't necessarily agree with the order that they're in because I think the Owen Hart tragedy should be topping the list. But it's an interesting read, to say the least. And while you're looking it over... just think to yourself about how you would rank the Benoit tragedy in with this. I think it would definitely rank pretty high. The wrestling business is known for it's craziness in and out of the ring. But will it ever calm down?"

    by Eric Cohen

    1. The Von Erich Family
    At one time, the Von Erich’s were the biggest stars in wrestling but things went bad for the family rather quickly. Out of five brothers that wrestled, only one lived to see 35. David died in 1984 due to an “intestinal problem”. Mike suffered an injury and during surgery contacted a virus that nearly killed him. He was never the same again and killed himself. Kerry was a former World Champion that lost his foot in a motorcycle accident. He wrestled for a few more years but drug charges led him to kill himself. Youngest brother Chris killed himself because he felt he could never be as good as his brothers were.

    2. The Car Crash of Magnum T.A.
    In 1986, Magnum T.A. was one of the most popular stars in the NWA. His feuds for the U.S. Title with Tully Blanchard and Nikita Koloff almost overshadowed the main feud of the area, Dusty Rhodes vs. Ric Flair. There is no doubt that Magnum T.A. was soon going to be a World Champion. However, he was involved in a near-fatal car crash. In one of the most emotional moments ever, at the Crockett Cup ‘87, he made a surprise appearance and walked to the ring. Magnum never wrestled again. The biggest what if question long-time fans have is “What would wrestling be like now if Magnum wasn’t in that accident?”

    3. Bruiser Brody Stabbed to Death in a Locker Room
    In 1988, Bruiser Brody was stabbed to death in a Puerto Rico locker room by Invader I (Jose Gonzalez), one of the bosses of the wrestling organization he was working for. An ambulance did not appear for 45 minutes after the stabbing due to either it not being called or traffic at the stadium. That delay allowed the murder weapon to be hidden. Despite several witnesses to the crime, Gonzalez was found not guilty. The American witnesses claimed to have received their summons to testify after the verdict had been rendered.

    4. The Death of Andre the Giant
    Without a doubt, Andre the Giant is the most famous wrestler to have passed away. Ironically, the medical condition that caused him to become famous was also partially responsible for his death. In 1993, Andre died of a heart attack shortly after attending the funeral of his father. In honor of Andre, the WWE created a Hall of Fame and made him the first inductee.

    5. The Death of Dino Bravo
    While dying young is all too common an event in the wrestling world, Dino’s is the only one that looks like a plot on The Sopranos. It is highly rumored that Dino was allegedly involved with an organized criminal group in Montreal that dealt in illegal cigarettes. On March 11, 1993, Dino was found dead in his apartment. He was shot seven times and at least two were to the head. Since there was no signs of forced entry, police believe that he knew his killers.

    6. The Death of Brian Pillman & Interview of Melanie Pillman
    Wrestling fans are not surprised when they hear that a retired wrestler has died. However, everyone was surprised when Vince McMahon announced on the pre-show to the PPV, In Your House: Bad Blood ‘97, that Brian, who was scheduled to compete that night, was found dead in his hotel room a few hours earlier. The next night, most fans were disgusted when Vince interviewed Brian’s widow, Melanie. In 2005, I spoke to Vince Russo, the head booker of the WWE at the time, about why that interview was done.

    7. The Fatal Accident of Owen Hart
    At the Over the Edge ‘99 PPV event, Owen Hart, dressed as the Blue Blazer, was supposed to descend from the ceiling to the ring. Something terrible happened and he plummeted from the rafters onto a turnbuckle chest-first. He was taken to the hospital where he was pronounced dead. The event went on and the fans in attendance did not find out what happened to Owen while the audience at home was told. Thankfully, an interview was being shown at the time of the accident and the fans in attendance and at home did not witness the fall.

    8. D-Lo Brown vs. Droz
    The results of a wrestling match may be predetermined but the wrestlers put their well being on the line every time they step in the ring. During a 1999 SmackDown TV taping, D-Lo fought Droz in what was supposed to be an ordinary match. D-Lo slipped on a wet spot on the mat while giving Droz a running power bomb. Droz fractured two discs in his neck. The accident left the former Denver Bronco paralyzed from the neck down. He still works for the WWE.

    9. The Death of Miss Elizabeth
    In the brutal world of wrestling, Miss Elizabeth provided something that no one else did to the sport, a sense of class. In 2003, fans were shocked to find out that she had passed away from an overdose of a combination of pain pills and alcohol. She was at the home of her boyfriend, former WCW Champion, Lex Luger. Fans were enraged when they found out that just two weeks earlier, Luger was arrested for allegedly striking her in a domestic dispute. After a police search of the premises, Lex was charged with multiple drug possession charges.

    10. The Death of Eddie Guerrero
    Eddie had a well documented battle with substance abuse that almost cost him his life, his career, and his family. However, Eddie appeared to win his battle and even reached the top of the wrestling world by becoming World Champion. On the night of November 13, 2005, he was scheduled to wrestle for the championship. However, earlier that morning he was found dead from heart failure. The moral of the story is that even if you can kick drugs, the damage they do to your body is irreversible.

    "Some pretty interesting stories there. Most of those I am very familiar with. The Pillman death was hard for me. He was one of my favorites and it struck me as a total shocker. That was before I was able to read internet dirt sheets and find out what happened before everyone else (back then). Owen's death occurred while I was at work. My dad called me in the middle of my shift to inform me. I was stunned. I didn't believe it. Eddie was a big one, too. It's a shame that the two men who made their mark on WrestleMania XX and finally won the World Championships they had been working for... are both gone."

    "I have to move on. I want to talk for just a minute about Memphis Wrestling. Yes, I know all about the Jerry Lawler situation. I'm not going to talk about it here. I'd rather use the space talking about more important stuff. Big Cheese was a jerk and I'm sure he deserved the punch anyway. But just a few weeks back, I had the opportunity to wrestle Tim Grind one on one in the main event of the TV show. We were able to cut promos and just really get a feel of what we were doing. We had the time on the show to work maybe an eight minute match. And it was just an unbelievable experience. Especially, to work with a guy that I have been in the business with for so long. I think we did a very good performance that received the praise that it deserved. Hopefully, you'll see more of the 'younger guys' getting their just-do on the show."

    "Have you had a chance to catch TLCW: The Pulse, yet? Well, if you haven't, you better start looking for it on your local stations or even on It should be posted in the next few days. The show is off the hook. The production is really surprising. I enjoyed it very much. Especially, the parts with my Five Starr Showcase group in it. They did a video of the carnage that we have caused, and it was phenominal. I really enjoyed it. Good work guys. Now, I actually look forward to wrestling on Saturday nights. It's a great feeling to know that these guys have cameras that they know how to catch the action and put it together to benefit the company... and most importantly, the boys."

    "Hope you enjoyed it. Until next time..."


    "Well, those are two words that are pretty scary to see in the same sentence. Negotiations and wrestlers. Wow. Well, it's a good thing I'm not going to talk about those two words linked together. I'm actually wanting to talk about MY negotiations... and then, talk about other wrestlers. If I were to discuss wrestlers trying to negotiate, that would be an entirely different column, and could possibly take up the entire blog space that I have reserved. Plus, I might hurt several people's feelings on that matter. But let me get to what I came here to talk about..."

    "I think a lot of the wrestlers out there (especially in this area), are missing the boat. Whether it's because of the towns they're wrestling in, or the towns they're NOT wrestling in. There's a few guys that have made the right decisions, only to turn right around a few weeks later (or days for that matter) and burn the entire bridge down. Maybe I don't have to name any names but because this is my blog... and I'm generally friends with the guys I talk about, I will name names."

    "Austin Lane is a guy that I've known since the very first day I entered the world of professional wrestling. There was a small organization that was nothing but hardcore wrestling named Rampage Wrestling. Honestly, at the time, I was kind of intimidated about being hit with chairs, going through tables, and being thrown into a steel cage match in my second match ever. Actually, to be 100% honest, this place was horrible. The worst wrestling show you would ever imagine. We wrestled in front of five people, one night. The only good thing about Rampage was I met some people there that I still have ties to today. Brian Tramel from I met him there. Always thought he was a little weird, even back then. I met Girl Candy Christian Jacobs (from Picture Perfect) there. He was actually bald and teaming with another guy. Jacobs wrestled as Viper. I also met a guy who jumped off balconies and wore the ugliest shirts ever made to the ring before he wrestled... his name was Austin Lane."

    "I was never great friends with Austin. Never enemies either. We just got along, you know. I actually haven't worked on the same wrestling show as him since Rampage. I always thought that was rather strange, as I've wrestled all over the place. I've probably been in damn near every single town within several hundred miles of Memphis. Never wrestled on another show with him. When his name was brought up, I always thought... 'hmm... wonder what happened to him?' But recently, he was brought in to wrestle on Memphis Wrestling's TV show. I found this very interesting, as well. After all these years (at least seven years), he's never worked Memphis before. That's strange because EVERYONE wants to wrestle on Memphis TV. After two weeks worth of tapings... he's already gone. Let's be honest here. No matter what you're doing on the show, you're still getting the best television exposure on the independent scene. So, whether it was attitude or ego, Austin no longer works for Memphis Wrestling. So, the proof is in the pudding. Always remember, the cream rises to the top."

    "Speaking of the cream rising to the top... I want to talk about everyone's favorite cruiserweight who will one day have a job with the world's largest wrestling company, the WWE. A kid, who if he got in the gym, would EASILY work for WWE. He's the most acrobatic little bastard that I've ever wrestled... maybe he ties with Stan Lee. Let's talk about the beef jerky, smooth turkey... Tatt2! Now, I'll get an e-mail or phone call right after I post this, because Tatt2 will be blowing me up trying to get in touch with me. He'll be totally marking out for being featured in my blog. But honestly, this kid will have a job one day if he gets in the gym and puts on a little size. He's one of my favorite guys to beat up. And I truly mean that. I love to kick Tatt2's ass. Anyone who can do the things that he can do in the ring, should be paid top dollar to do it."

    "Another reason that I wanted to throw Tatt2 in the mix in this blog, is because I wanted to compare him a little to Austin Lane. Certainly, I don't want to compare in-ring skills because that wouldn't be fair to Austin Lane. Let's face it, there's not too many people out there that CAN do the things that Tatt2 can in the ring. But I want to make the comparison of how Tatt2 came from nowhere... came from working with Charlie Parks, to being a legitimate part of the crew in Memphis Wrestling. Comparing Austin and Tatt2, they both came from nowhere, to Memphis. They both had somewhat of a chip on their shoulders. But one's still there and the other isn't. So, like I said before, the cream rises to the top. It's a shame that too many opportunities are blown in this business without a second thought."

    "Now, onto Five Starr negotiations. I'll shoot you straight right here. Alan Walker gave me a call. Yes, the same Alan Walker that was featured on the Hall of Shame page. He called to bury the hatchet and to make peace with me. I have no clue why, but he wants me to come and work with him in Jackson, TN. So, negotiations have started on that. His company also has television on Tuesday nights in Memphis. That probably wouldn't set too well with Memphis TV and Memphis Wrestling, though. But nevertheless, you never strike out an option. The update on this one is simple... it doesn't look like it's going to happen at all. I haven't heard from Alan in the last few days, so maybe he's changed his mind. Also, I would have to have a reason to come. You know what I'm saying."

    "Another company that I'm pretty familiar with has contacted me several times about coming back, but again, nothing has been finalized. Dyersburg's NBW. NBW has potential, but having a KID run the show really rubs me wrong. Not to mention, I'm still not totally sold on the fact that I want to come back and be arrested again. If you don't know this story, then you can read some past blogs or just go to It's pretty well archived there. But never say never. I'm waiting to hear what I need to hear, then we could iron out all the problems."

    "I hope you all enjoyed this blog. I'm sure I'll receive a few calls or messages about some of the issues I discussed. As long as you're reading, it's all good. Also, I want to take the time to welcome the new viewers to the site. I have reports that tell me that there's new visitors every single day. The site is growing and I thank you all for that. Tell your friends and let's go to the top together. Thank you very much."


    "We finally have a schedule. For months, I've been coming on here at random to post a blog entry for everyone to read. Hopefully, the ones of you who read it, actually enjoy it. I've gotten so much feedback about what's discussed, so I'll try to stay on that razor's edge that everyone likes so much. You like to hear me bash? You like to hear me brag? You like to hear all the dirt that everyone else is scared to talk about? Well, you've come to the right place... because every Wednesday will be blog day. Every Wednesday, you'll come to DUSTIN STARR.COM and get your week's worth of blogging. The site will be updated almost everyday, anyway... but you'll get a blog update once per week. That day will be Wednesday."

    "I'd like to have a name on every blog, just to kinda go over some of the things that I might want to talk about. And as you see, the title is Bloog, Entertainment, and NBW. Well, let me start off with one of my pet-peeves... or one of my concerns for the wrestling business... something that just totally grosses me out."

    "Blood. Now, I'm talking about real blood. Not the ketchup packages that most of you wrestling fans THINK we use in the ring. I'm not talking about the red syrup that some of you nitwits THINK that wrestlers use to bleed. That's all a joke. You watch WrestleMania 13's match between Bret Hart and Stone Cold and tell me all that blood gushing down his face is a ketchup package. You watch Ric Flair bleed to the point that his entire head of hair turns red... and never wipes off because of his continuous bleeding, and tell me that's syrup that he's squirting on himself. No, it's not. It's REAL. Blood in wrestling is REAL... and it's real gross. You don't know what these guys have. You don't know if they've got some sort of disease that could infect you. There's nothing nastier to me than touching someone else's blood."

    "I've seen Flash Flanagan bleed to the point where even his underwear had blood all over them. Could you imagine being in the ring with someone who is bleeding puddles all over the mat... and bleeding from their head so bad that when they change, their underwear is solid red? I have been there and done that. Flash and I were tagging up... and fortunately he was my partner, that way I didn't have to touch it."

    "Have I ever bled in a match? Yes. Only twice. Once was because I was young and dumb... had been in the business for about five minutes and I was busted open. I hated it. It sucked. I was so worried about a scar on my head. It's a little scary to see your own blood rushing down your face. But it happens sometimes. The second time wasn't too long ago. It was my one and only barbwire match. You can actually see the pictures in the PICS section on this site. I really had no choice in that one. When you mess with barbwire, you're going to bleed. Simple as that. I couldn't get to the locker room fast enough to get cleaned off (and get away from the barbwire). Fortunately for me... I'm still scarless and I'm still pretty."

    "There's a lot of talk about entertaining wrestlers compared to good workers... and some of the wrestlers are both. But not too many anymore. So, what I wanted to do is go through a list of companies and tell you people who I think may be the most entertaining wrestlers in their respective groups."

    "Say we start with Memphis Wrestling. You all watch the TV show. You all have your favorite wrestlers there for many different reasons... but who's the most entertaining? Who is it that makes you watch every single week? Well, I can't answer that, unfortunately. I never get to actually SEE the show play on the air. I have to watch it as it happens, and it's always a different experience. But I do think Derrick King is pretty entertaining. Not only in the ring, but out of the ring, too. He's great on the mic. and he's not too shabby in the ring, either. DK has made an identity for himself, as they continue to give him more and more television time because of it. But I also like Too Cool II. Their interviews are so damn funny. All they need now is a grill!"

    "As for TLCW, I'd have to say that I'm the most entertaining. I know, it's kinda conceited, but it's true. The Five Starr Showcase is the hottest show on the planet!"

    "Last and probably least... how great is it to hear that NBW has fallen back on their asses? Ok, ok... maybe funny isn't the best word to use. How bout... I told you so? I can say that because when I heard that Jeremy Moore was taking over the booking duties, I almost fell outta my chair. I don't blame his daddy for giving him the book, hell, that's why they got the company anyway. But you can't expect everyone to like it. Jeremy doesn't know what he's doing one week from the next... he's just too green. Hasn't been in the business that long. I like Jeremy... just maybe not as a booker. I'm glad I don't have to deal with that every week. I have my own problems with TLCW's booking."

    "Everyone's being a little hard on the guy though. Jeremy is trying. But I think he's trying a little too hard on the things that make people the most angry. He's trying too hard to put himself in the spotlight and in the main events. Jeremy is trying too hard on the stuff that gets him heat. But, hopefully, he'll learn over time. Maybe he's doing things the right way. Afterall, look at all the other bookers who were the top stars around this area. Enough said."

    "Oh, one more thing... I'd kick Jeremy Moore's ass!"

    JUNE 6TH, 2007

    "Hello, everyone. Just checking in for a few minutes to let you in on a few things that are in the works. The last time I wrote a blog, it was all about fishing. We had a great time, but since then a lot of other stuff has been going on. We had TLCW Mayhem... Memphis TV... Sam's Town Casino... and TLCW is even getting a television show, now. So, without further ado, let's jump right in!"

    "TLCW Mayhem was a great success. If you weren't involved or at the show, you really missed out. I actually had my sister, my mother, and my two nieces in attendance that night. They had a blast. The set up was no let down. The guard rails, the entrance decor itself was cool, and the fans were roaring the entire time. I'd guess there might've been 400-500 people there that night to witness the Perfect Showcase take on Hot Topic and the returning Christopher O'Neal. What a huge ovation when O'Neal beat me. I'm proud to have been a major part in not only that match, but in that night as a whole. Two big shows for TLCW this year, and I've been fortunate enough to have a major role in both shows. More fortunate though, that the turnout was tremendous when I've been in the spotlight. The fans just love to hate Five Starr, what can I say?"

    "On the subject of TLCW... they have a new TV show that will be named TLCW: Pulse. I love it. With the logo of the flatline... or whatever you wanna call it, it's a good name. But even better that the show will actually be one hour long, and it will be very cost-effective, as well. I won't throw numbers out there, but once this show kicks off, it'll be around for a while. No doubt. I only hope the production gets better in a short period of time. The way I understand it, it will be similar to the old WWF Superstars TV show. There will be hosts, commentators, and some matches will actually be joined already in progress. Nothing's final, though. Things can change at any moment. Hopefully, I'll have a major role in some way, shape, form and fashion. I look forward to this."

    "Memphis TV and the Sam's Town Casino shows are what they are. They're a ratings machine, first and foremost. But it makes you wonder why the fans aren't coming out very much anymore. The crowds are down at both events, but we just keep plugging away on the TV shows. Ratings are good. They go up and down, but never fall into a negative range. Never have, I believe. I only hope that I can continue to clear the path for myself to get a more dominant role on that show. It's watched by so many. So, if you're in attendance at either shows and you're a reader of this site (you must be, if you're reading this now), then don't forget your DUSTIN STARR.COM signs when you come. I saw a "DUSTIN STARR'S #1 FAN" sign at the last TV. I love it!"

    "I do get frustrated from time to time with TLCW, but that's what happens when you work with your friends. It's all about the passion that we have for this business. Some question my passion, but I'll tell you this right now... noone can ever question my passion or love for the wrestling business. I've been wrestling with a fracture in my wrist, I've been to shows on the same day I've suffered concussions from a car wreck that's totaled my vehicle, I've given up good paying jobs to wrestle, I've given up luxuries in life to be a professional wrestler, and I'd do it all over again. My passion does sometimes get the best of me... but that just goes to show you who's for real."

    MAY 30TH, 2007

    "Well, it's the last day of the month and I figured I'd give you something to laugh at. As I'm getting accustomed to... I went fishing this weekend. Only this time, it wasn't me and Sammy alone. Oh no... Derrick King decided to join us. And if you know DK or have even ever met him... it's always an interesting day with him around."

    "First, I'll tell you how it started out. Just take a look for yourself."

    "The keys just somehow got locked in the truck. No way in. Hmm... now, we've been on several fishing trips that were documented right here on DUSTIN STARR.COM and we've never locked the keys in the truck. But this time, DK was with us and they get locked in. Who to blame? Well, anyway, we got the truck unlocked (somehow) and got down to business. We all had our tackle boxes and rods... except DK. Well, he had a rod, but his tackle box was a little different. He actually had a cooler. That's right, you can't have a fun fishing trip without the cooler. Let's just put it this way, we had 'celebration shots' all day long. Only DK might's had a few too many, as he got stuck knee deep in the mud..."

    "Hilarious! You don't see me laid out on my back from slipping myself, but that's besides the point. Finally, we did end up catching a few fish."

    "A few big ones from Sammy and myself. About 3 lbs or above. And we caught some decent ones...

    "I'm proud of DK. He caught about 5 or 6, so held his ground. We had a few splash fights, but I think DK came out on top of that one. Check out what he did..."

    "A lure in the shin is not a very pleasant thing. That's MY shin... and it still hurts like hell. DK says it was an accident, but I find that pretty hard to believe. But as the day went on, we did very well as a team. Sammy was the sheriff, as usual. But check this out..."

    "Pretty good mess of fish. But when the day was done and the smoke cleared... this is how it really ended..."

    "It sucks waking up at 5am... and it sucks even more to pass out with friends around. I could've had ya, Derrick, but I was a nice guy. Hope you all enjoyed. Until next time!"

    MAY 7TH, 2007

    "Right off the heels of a very busy weekend, I've decided to let everyone in on what's really going on in this business. From Keiser's fiasco, to Rector's demise, there's one helluva story to tell. I'll only tell you my part because I could really care less about the rest. And really, this story isn't breaking news. It's been in the making for quite some time. If you know me at all, then you know that I hated going to those shows in the first place. There are a few determining factors that really come into play when it comes to LAW. Allow me to explain this."

    "Thursday night in Keiser... there was some kind of commotion after the show. I have no clue to exactly what happened because I was already gone. I wrestled, I got paid, and I left. The only thing I know about the aftermath of the show, is what I read on the internet the very next day. If you want the full story, go to BT has it all posted there. Needless to say, the crowd sucked in Keiser... and so did the pay. When you've got a guy coming in to carry the company like I was told I was doing, you should pay him like he's doing just that. When you have a meeting to discuss the future of the company, and you tell this guy (me) that the company is being built around him (me)... you should try your hardest to make this guy happy. Well, I kept plugging at it even after everything was slowly going sour."

    "Friday night in Rector, I showed up to wrestle Brian Christopher. From what I was told, I would have to deal with Brian for a month or so. Fine. Although, I had already beaten him in a loser leaves town match a few weeks before. Well, after showing up at the show, I heard that Brian wasn't coming back because they couldn't afford him. Oookay... plus, Kelly Warner was nowhere to be found. Couldn't catch him on the phone and he wasn't at the show. I didn't find out until the next day that Kelly had quit LAW."

    "Here's the deal: There are only three people in this business who have done anything for me. I've been promised the moon on several occassions by several people. There's only a list of THREE that have come through and helped me out. And if any of those three called me right now and needed help with something, I'd do everything in my power to help them out. You wanna know who the three are? Ok..."

    "1) - Derrick King. When I was a little, skinny, long-haired, nothing-happening little kid at 16 years old, not too many people in the business wanted anything to do with me. There was one guy who took me under his wing and invited me to OVW with him... invited me to Memphis TV with him... invited me to several small town shows to get in the ring with him. If it weren't for Derrick King, I probably would not have had NEARLY the opportunities that I have had in this business. I definitely wouldn't have hung out at Randy Orton's apartment... or went to breakfast and the gym with John Cena and Nick Dinsmore (Eugene). I owe a lot to DK. I've given back at every opportunity that I have been given, too."

    "2) - Downtown Bruno. Bruno has helped me out a lot in the last year or so. He's gotten me hooked up with Tommy Dreamer to do some WWE shows. He's been very friendly at all the WWE events that I've worked. He's even been one helluva friend. See, part of this business is strictly business. But you really do find out who your true friends are when it's crunch time. Bruno is a great dude and I owe him. I'll have his back whenever he needs me to."

    "3) - Kelly Warner. You guessed it. Kelly Warner was a guy that told me he would do what it takes to get me a shot at NWA TNA back when LAW was just getting off the ground. If I had a dollar for every time I was promised something in the wrestling world, I'd be able to retire. I'd be a rich man. But Kelly owned up to his word. He got me a shot at TNA... and I was very close to getting a job there. But Kelly made that happen. And again, I've paid that back with all the long trips that I've taken for the team (LAW)."

    "Here's a message I received that really made my day:"

    D. Starr,

    This is Brian Thompson. Don't blame you for folding them with LAW. I would've done it a long time ago if I were you. Of course I did do it a long time ago myself. LOL

    I hope you know I always appreciated your talent. Even back in 2003, I would've done a lot more with you, but what the hell. You help create a company (like coming up with the damn name), you help set up the biggest show in company history (Black River Brawl - name I came up with too - and set up the meeting with the building's director who I had a history with), but all of a sudden you ain't shit. Damn. Do I sound like some old bitter bitch? Yeah. I wanted to fold it after that show. Where else could you go but down from there?

    Brian Thompson

    "That pretty much says it all. The ship has been sinking for a while. Whether they still run or not is besides the point. I hope they continue and I hope they start doing well. Who knows what could happen? At one point, LAW was a great organization to work for. But without Kelly Warner, I don't know if I could even stand to be around Jeff O'Dell for any period of time. I like Jeff, but he's no Kelly Warner, I'll tell ya that right now. Good luck to everyone there."

    "Not too much to brag about, eh? Well, Sambo must've known something that I didn't know. This is what he was catching all day long..."

    "He's got the experience on me. I'm green when it comes to stuff like this. So what I did was this: I did what any other red-blooded American would do... I watched some professional fishermen on ESPN! I got a few tips... then, I looked those fish right in the eye..."

    "And I waged war on those bass! The first trip was nothing special. But the second trip, we had caught EIGHT bass within the first half-hour! We were on a roll... until something tragic happened. Sambo caught a bass and I went to put it on the stringer for him. Not that I'm his bitch or anything... but I'm the rookie at this, so I was paying some dues. Anyway, I pulled the stringer out of the water and went to hook the fish, when all of a sudden... the SEVEN fish on the stringer took off! The rope slipped out of my hand and BOOM! ALL THE FISH WERE GONE! I lost every fish we had caught! I almost jumped in after the damn things, but Sambo assured me that it happens to everyone at least once. He also reminded me not to let it happen again, or I'd be swimming back to shore."

    My first fish

    "I actually had the time of my life. Got sunburned like hell. Caught 17 more fish after I lost the seven. And here was the end result..."

    "That was just a little bit about my trip fishing. I hope you enjoyed it. It's a little odd for me to admit that I like to fish, but I could actually go every weekend and not get tired of it. Maybe I have a new hobby?"

    MARCH 14TH, 2007

    "I better get this posted right here and now. Because if I don't, all my predictions for the NCAA Tournament will be jaded. When I get the perfect bracket predictions down pat, noone would believe me if I posted them later. I've already compared my bracket with a few of the boys and I think mine stands out better than theirs."

    "Let me get this straight. I am not a big fan of the NBA's version of basketball. They're all over-paid and they don't care until the playoffs. And the sad thing is, almost every team in the league makes it to the playoffs. It's not like football or the NCAA basketball tourney, where every game is important. Baseball is the worst sport ever. I can't stand it."

    "Anyway, I'll hit you with my predictions and then I'll talk a bit about some other stuff that's been on my mind. So, here we go:"

    "ROUND ONE: Florida, Arizona, Old Dominion, Maryland, Winthrop, Oregon, Georgia Tech, Wisconsin, Kansas, Kentucky, Illinois, Holy Cross, Duke, Pitt., Gonzaga, UCLA, North Carolina, Marquette, Arkansas, Texas, Vanderbilt (Go Vandy!), Oral Roberts, Texas Tech, Georgetown, Ohio State, Xavier, Tennessee (Big Orange baby!), Virginia, Louisville, Texas A&M, Creighton, and my Memphis Tigers (Go Tigers Go!)! That's my teams that advance onto the second round. Get your brackets to see who they beat."

    "ROUND TWO: Florida, Maryland, Oregon, Wisconsin, Kansas, Holy Cross, Duke, UCLA, North Carolina, Texas, Oral Roberts (my Cinderella team, so to speak), Georgetown, Ohio State, Tennessee (GO BABY!), Texas A&M, and the Memphis Tigers (GO BLUE!). As you can see, this is where Vandy is tossed by Oral Roberts. Texas Tech is out, as well. I just think Bobby Knight will get through the first round only. Pitt is ousted and so is Gonzaga. Texas takes out Arkansas."

    "ROUND THREE - SWEET SIXTEEN: Florida, Wisconsin, Kansas, UCLA, Texas, Georgetown, Ohio State, Memphis (FINAL FOUR BABY!). Looks like Tennessee is gone. Kansas will not choke this year, they will make it to the Elite Eight. Texas is teh team to beat... besides Memphis."

    "ROUND FOUR - ELITE EIGHT: "Florida, Kansas, Texas, and Memphis. Florida has a relatively easy bracket, I think. Kansas is going all the way this year. Just because they have been such a letdown for the last three years. Memphis and Texas are the two teams to really beat."

    "ROUND FIVE - FINAL FOUR: "Kansas will face off against Memphis in the Championship game. Memphis is underrated and I hate it. I hope they shove the Championship in everyone's face this year."

    "CHAMPIONSHIP GAME: "Memphis Tigers! No doubt. They have the team. They should be a number one seed for crying out loud. If you have any debate on my choices, feel free to e-mail. But I still won't change mine no matter what you say."

    "Also, as of late, I'm sick of some other stuff. You might've read the article on the front page about liars lying about reading the web. Come on guys, you know who you are. Don't complain about my site and what I say on it... then, ask me who created it because you want your own. Don't lie about not seeing what I post... then, ask me why I posted this or that. There's no shame in reading the internet to see what people say about you. I read the web all the time. It's the new generations newspaper (pretty much). You get stuff on the net that you wouldn't see in the papers. The newspapers would NEVER post some of the stuff that I talk about on here, especially my opinions of the boys."

    "You'd never see an article in any papers about me beating Seth Knight up in the locker room (he deserved it, by the way). You'd never see in the papers a huge picture of a turd with Dale Walker's name by it. That's the way I feel. That's not a work. He's a turd, and I firmly stand by that. You'd never see anyone post in the papers half the stuff I post on here."

    "Guys, if you read the site and want to keep it a secret, that's fine. Just don't dog out the internet and what's posted on it because A: you're a mark for it and want it to be a secret... or B: you just flat out can't afford the internet in the first place. I know of guys who check this website a few times daily just to see what funny crap I have posted that day. And I rarely disappoint, just like tonight:"

    "I'm linking this to YouTube.Com because it's very vulgar and I don't want it directly on my website. But it's a very interesting preview of a brand new shoot DVD that Jamie Dundee has done. I'm friends with Jamie and I like Jamie. He's out of control and you can see that in this preview. It's funny as hell! If you look at the preview and don't laugh at it, you must be as old at that one dude who hated my ribs from before... the message board guy. Check this out... remember, it's VERY VULGAR. Just copy and paste this address in and it'll take you right there:"

    "I have to order that DVD. I'm wonder what Bill Dundee thinks about it. I'm sure he'll either see it here or see it somewhere. Man, there's NO TELLING what all that DVD has in it. I'll actually buy it... and I'll review it on this site."

    "Everyone behave... until next time."

    MARCH 3RD, 2007

    "We shall intitle this blog -Bustin Dustin-. For those of you who have not read the material that was posted on RasslinRiotOnline.Com, feel free to go there now. Cheap plug for the site... but I really think I should talk about this for just a minute or two. Cuz you know I'm the loose cannon of wrestling around here... my ego is SOOO huge... and I need to burn as many bridges as humanly possible on my way to the top of the wrestling world. I've heard it all, folks. But right here and now, I'm going to set the record straight, like only I can do."

    "Let's review, first. I have blogs (written below) on the entire WWE camp that was held in Nashville, TN just last weekend. Then, I even went back and let everyone in on a few stories of the fun stuff and the ribs that we pulled on each other along the way. I felt like most of you enjoyed it, or else you wouldn't have taken the time to read it. Some of you might not have. But I'll tell you this right now, it's a lot better report than what anyone else would've given you. Apparently, at least one person didn't like the report. I don't care. I'm cool with that. But I want to set the record straight for myself (although BT did a pretty good job of that for me)."

    "After reading the report from BT and the responce from a guy that I've never met in my life, apparently someone thought there were sour grapes about the WWE camp. And anyone who knows anything about the business knows that when one guy gets a good break in the business, everyone else is going to hate about it. Just like what's going on right now with people and Picture Perfect. Because they did well at camp, everyone is just making up their own stories about being signed to contracts and everything else. It's just made up stuff. Same thing happened to me last year when I did the shows for WWE. Sour grapes are a very big part of this business, we all know that. One guy gets mad about the TV time that another guy is getting... and guess what? They bury that guy to take him off the show or to give him a lesser role on the show. That's happened to me, as well. It's all a part of the business. Why this one guy that I have never met before would have sour grapes towards me, I have no clue. Or hell, maybe he just wants to stir up some hell right quick for his message board? That's fine too. Free publicity. Please put a link to my site by the story next time."

    "Everyone seemed to enjoy the stuff about the ribs we pulled on the way to the show. Now, come on guys... you've had a buddy of yours pull your finger before, right? Then, when you pull it, they fart... and you laugh. Correct? Shut up! We've all done it! It's hilarious! And if it's not funny to you, then you're just too old! Wrestlers have great sense of humors. How else could they go out in front of a huge crowd and make fools of themselves? They couldn't! Whether it's spiking someone's drink, messing with their food, beating them up, or farting on them... it's all funny! If you don't like it, I'm sorry... that's just how this business is! We're like kids. We love to have fun and play video games! Okay... you don't think my stories are funny? I'll put you to the test right now, Mr. guy I've never met before. Check this out:"

    "Now, THAT'S funny! That was a video taken by a few of the boys who were playing video games. We all noticed that Marcus (black dude) was asleep, so Matt Boyce found an innovative way to wake him up. Not only did he whack Marcus in the balls... but he did it with Marcus's OWN HAND! That's talent and creativity. Props to Matt. Now, if you watch that video, you hear how hard we all laughed. If you didn't laugh at the video after the second time of watching it, you have not sense of humor. Sorry. That's a fact, brother. But it works the other way around, unfortunately, for Matt Boyce. This is the work of Derrick King the very next day. A receipt, if you will. It's a work of art:"

    "Now, THAT'S a good rib. Matt had NO IDEA even after he woke up. He even posed for a picture with Alex Krisis. Check this out:"

    "You tellin' me that's not funny? He had no idea until he actually raed this update on the computer!"

    "But anyway... The very reason that I hate message boards (and don't have one on my own site) is that it's people who are too scared (for whatever reason) to admit who they are, just talking smack about others trying to get a feud started. Just like this guy I've never met before saying that someone told him I have a huge ego, that I'm dull in the ring now, and I was better when I was smaller. Who said it? Who cares!? Everyone has opinions, but let me give you mine, now."

    "Yes, I have an ego. Yes, it is massive. Do I have a reason to have one? Well, hell yeah. I'm FIVE STARR, baby. I'll tell you why and see if you can see where I'm coming from. I started training to wrestle when I was fifteen. Had my first match at age 17. I've been wrestling since 2000. When I broke in, I weighed 143 pounds. I was always told to get bigger. I was used on television in Memphis and many other towns this whole time... now, I'm 225 pounds and getting opportunities to make it in this business. I've gotten better. I've been on Smackdown, Heat, RAW, OVW, TNA... I'd say that's not too shabby for someone who's dull in the ring. I'm not saying I'm a huge star around the world... but to me I am. And if I don't have the confidence of a superstar, why would anyone else have the confidence IN me to BE a superstar? Ego? Confidence? It's all hand-in-hand. I deserve my ego. I earned it myself. Thanks for caring, though."

    "And to echo a few things BT said on his site, in my defense... I'm dull in the ring? Why, because I learned how to work? Because I don't kill myself by diving off the top rope in every match? Why do that when you don't have to? You'd have to be a real idiot to say that someone who's made progress like I have over the seven years I've been in the business isn't better than he was when he started. I'm tons better. Tapes will show you that. And if you haven't seen old pictures... they don't lie either. I look much better at 225 then I did at 143. That's not ego, man... that's fact. You be the judge:"

    "Rest my case on that one. Me dull in the ring? Probably. I don't know. The fans are the judge on that one. I mean, everyone has things they like and dislike. But for some odd reason, I get a lot of compliments on matches from not only the boys, the people, but from scouts, as well. So, I'm happy with that too."

    "I'm not that bad of a guy. I've actually met people who have come right out and told me, 'I have never liked you just because I heard you were a prick, but you're really a pretty cool guy'. I respect that to an extent. They hated me because someone else had told them something about me that probably wasn't true. But once they met me and talked to me, they didn't see it that way at all. So, maybe that's what's going on here. Or it could possibly be that I just don't like that one person who says the bad stuff about me... so I AM a prick to them... but I'm cool with everyone else that I like. So, it could be a mixture of all of that. I'm humble to a point... but I'm brutally honest and that can come across as ego or maybe just being a flat out prick. You be the judge... but don't judge off someone elses experience."

    "This was fun. I love this blog because I got to talk about my favorite subject... ME. And I got to watch that cool video again. It's HILARIOUS!"

    FEBRUARY 26TH, 2007

    "Yesterday I was able to give everyone an up-close look at what exactly went down at the WWE Camp. That's all fine and good, but we all like to hear the great ribs that took place DURING the trip! Of coarse, we all wanna know who go who with what prank! And if you know anything about Five Starr, then you know I'm all about the ribs, baby!"

    "First, on the way down was a long drive. Maybe three hours or more to Nashville. It was Me, Matt, and Alan in one car. And in the other was Alex, Jon Michael, and CJ. That's just how it worked out."

    "So, we get to Nashville and I had made a reservation at one of the hotels and we were waiting to get into our room. It was probably 11pm and the lobby was packed with church people. I guess there was a big deal at one of the churches the next few days or something. Anyway, maybe thirty people in the lobby. So, me, Matt, and Alan just all waited around for the others to get their stuff done so we could get in our rooms with no hassle. Matt is sitting on the edge of a small sofa, like on the arm of it. He was perched up just right for some kinda devastating blow that would flip him over the sofa and maybe even into the floor. Now, if you know me and Matt on a personal level, then you know that we love to sneak up on one another and bash each other in the back with a forearm or something even worse. So, I glance at Alan... he sees what's about to happen and whispers, "No... not now." Well, the opportunity was just too good! BAM! Huge clothesline sends Matt flipping over the sofa and onto small table sitting in front of it! It was great! Everyone looked at us as if we were nuts! Matt popped up real quick and just couldn't help but to laugh. Alan was embarrassed, but knew it was great! One up for Five Starr!"

    "We left that hotel and went to where the other three guys were because the deal was better and there was no waiting. We got directions to the new hotel... and when we pulled up and got into our room, my light bulb went on again. I had another idea. This one was going to be great. So, I picked up the cell phone and called Alex. Matt and Alan were with me on this one. 'What room you guys in? We are about to check into our room' Alex replied with the room number and we darted in that direction. Matt already had his pants unbuttoned and unzipped. You know what's going to happen now. 'Alex, I can't see your room from here, look out the window and tell me if you see our car' Alex opens the drapes only to see me standing there with my cell phone on my ear, and Matt standing next to me with his ASS PRESSED ONTO THE WINDOW! It was a gut-buster! And what makes it even better was Alan in the background pointing to the people who were WATCHING us do this from the other side of the hotel!"

    "The big burley Alex Krisis with the big scar and the messed up eye-ball... sleeps with a NOSE STRIP! That's a rib in itself. He actually snores so loud that he was handing the other guys ear plugs, so he wouldn't wake them up at night. To me, that's hilarious."

    "And to see Picture Perfect lying in the same bed when I walked in was funny for some reason. Check out the picture. They just seem a little too comfortable for me. I guess they're a really close tag team... huh... get it?"

    "Now, the other room (our room) had it's own problems. If you read the other blog about the camp, you know that Matt didn't have an extra shirt to workout in. Well, not only did he not have that... he also didn't have any sleep pants. What a goof. But anyway, Matt had the idea that he would take a shower before he went to bed, that way Alan and I could have the shower the next morning. Maybe Matt wanted some extra sleep, who knows? So, Matt's in the shower for like twenty minutes before I get the great idea to beat him up while he's in there. Now, hear me out... this is a good one. The lock on the bathroom door was broken. I snuck in and there was a white shower curtain (you couldn't see through it)... I just started punching Matt right through the curtain! It was great! Matt was all like 'damn you got me again!' So, I shut the door on the bathroom, but I stayed in there. Matt thinks I'm gone. I hear him chuckle about the beating for a few seconds and BOOM I'm punching him again! TWO FOR ONE! How great? Matt really gets the worst of the pranks!"

    "After the camp, we all went to the shower area of the gym. Now, the locker room area of a gym is something that I hate. I don't know. Maybe it's just me... but I hate looking at a buncha dudes standing around a locker room completely naked. It's disgusting. And trust me, they do that. But I'm at the stall taking a wizz and WHAM... Matt Boyce gets a good forearm in. He's trying to get me back a little bit for all the punishment I've given him over the last day or so. So, I laugh it off, take a shower and I hear Matt talking to someone on the other side of the lockers. Now's my chance. I sneak around the other side... he's still kinda wet from the shower, but again he's in his boxers not expecting anything. WHACK! I hit Matt so hard in the back with a forearm that he hit the floor! I knocked him all the way down to the floor! What a receipt! Everyone in the locker room heard it... and the guys that saw it thought we were about to duke it out. But that's just how the business is. That's how we have our fun. Another one for Five Starr!"

    "Just a little insight on how close some of us really are. We like to have fun by beating on each other throughout the day, in public places. Usually, the brunt of the jokes fall on Matt because he's the youngest... but he gets us back at times. But on the way home, he fell asleep with his head tilted all the way back... and his mouth wide open. I don't think I even have to finish this story... it didn't take long for Alan Steel to throw a big whad of napkin into his pie-hole to wake him up! It's good pranks that keep us all close and in a good frame of mind in such a tough business."

    "I hope everyone enjoyed the stories. Until next time..."

    FEBRUARY 25TH, 2007

    "What a weekend. I'm drained. No sleep since probably Thursday night and I'm still going. I'm sore as hell because of the workouts and ring-drills that we did on Saturday for the camp. I guess when you don't do the drills normally, it really gets to you the next day. I'm not complaining though, it just makes me appreciate the business a little bit more than I did. It's a killer."

    "But I just wanted to let everyone know how well the camp went. We did drills, we took bumps, we busted our asses, and we wrestled matches. Mike Bucci is a cool dude, I'll tell you that right now. He has more knowledge than probably anyone in this area combined. You really don't know how much there is to learn, until you meet someone that knows as much as this guy does. He's blunt, he's honest, he's helpful, and he's the boss. No doubt about who was running the show at that camp. He was in total control and if you did something he didn't like, you heard about it. But in a cool way. In a helpful way."

    "I know you all want the dirty, juicy details about what happened. So, I'm going to give them to you right here only on DUSTIN STARR.COM. So, here are a few tidbits... and remember, they are ONLY MY OPINION:"

    "Picture Perfect had very good workouts, from my standpoint. I think they'll end up with developmental deals in the near future. Mike liked the guys and he liked their look. They look like wrestlers. I'm sure they'll have to cut their hair because they look too much like DX... but who cares? They have a huge chance to get contracts... that's my opinion."

    "Well, poor Matt. He had a good workout and was nicknamed 'Vegas' by Mike. Why? Well, Matt didn't have an extra shirt to workout in... so he was the only dude that started out shirtless. Why you would not bring an extra shirt to workout in... when you went to Nashville to (guess what) WORKOUT, is beyond me. But anyway... Mike asked him if he had been to Vegas... because apparently he lost his shirt. Get it? ... Anyway, Matt did well except for the fact that he totally knocked Adam Armor's two front teeth out. He did a flying back-elbow, and from what I saw, Armor put his head in postition with Matt's elbow and it knocked his chiclette's out. I don't beleive it was totally Matt's fault, but shit happens. That wasn't something you wanted to happen when you're working out at a WWE related camp."

    "Alan did an unbeleivable job in his workouts. I chain wrestled with Alan in one of the drills (and whipped his ass, btw) and I thought it went really well. Mike loved Alan. I think Alan can get a few bookings out of the camp, at LEAST. I just think Alan needs to find his niche' and get the ball rolling on his own."

    "I hope some independent guys are reading this right now. Take a note of this because it's the honest-to-God truth. When Alex Krisis went up to Mike to introduce himself, Mike already recognized his face. He knew of Alex's messed up eye and scar. How? How would Mike know about this without ever seeing Alex in person? Well, Mike told Alex that he had watched his tapes that he sent and looked over his photos. So, despite what all the old-schoolers say about them throwing tapes away and never watching them... that's a crock of shit. They look at them. So, Alex did well at the camp for that alone. His workouts went well too. But they know who he is, for sure."

    "Well, enough of them. What about me? How did I do? Well, let's just say this... it was a FIVE STARR PERFORMANCE! Drills went well, workouts went well, matches went well and I got a lot of great feedback and advice from the man who runs the developmental system in the WWE. So, no bad news here. I'll keep you updated, but don't be surprised to see ole Five Starr make another run at the WWE pretty soon. I'll be hanging around in some capacity."

    "To close this out, I just want everyone to know something. This camp was awesome and it opened a lot of doors for a lot of great wrestlers that are being overlooked in this area. And usually, the cream does rise to the top. So, hopefully, there will be a few opportunities and we'll make the best of them. Keep your eyes and ears open."

    FEBRUARY 15TH, 2007

    "Just a few topics that I want to discuss with everyone for just a minute. I've been asked about these topics quite a few times by a lot of the fans that read my site. I appreciate all the kind words, as well. It's especially great when I go to a show and someone that I don't know (in a town I don't go to a lot) yells to me that they love the site. That's very flattering. So, let's hit a few subjects:"

    SEW: "This one is kind of a weird subject, as I've only mentioned them once or twice on the site. I have no ill-feelings towards these dudes. None at all. They called and asked me what I needed to come to the show and I told them. No big deal. They decided not to step on Memphis Wrestling's toes and try to book the Memphis guys simply because they thought it would make Corey Maclin mad. That's the story I got. I have no idea why they would care... we're all here to make money. But that show is on the same night as the Sam's Town Casino show for Memphis Wrestling. So, I'll be booked either way. Just because I look at the card and say that I don't like the line-up, that doesn't mean I hate them or screw them because they didn't book me. I just simply was saying that I wouldn't spend my money to see the undercard, that's all.

    WRESTLING TRAINING: "I bet you're wondering why there's a picture of a monkey over this subject line. Well, it's simple... I'll be training a monkey come Saturday. No, not a REAL monkey... his name is actually Marcus. He's a good friend of Matt Boyce, who by the way, just KEEPS letting me get a hold of embarrassing pictures of him. Check this one out..."

    "What a goof. I have worked out with a few people in the past and tried to help them with their in-ring ability. But there's really only one guy that I actually 'trained' and that's Matt Boyce. He's the one and only graduate of the Five Starr Wrestling Academy. Could there be another graduate? Probably not."

    MEMPHIS WRESTLING: "I've had a lot of people actually approach me while I'm out shopping or whatnot and just come out and ask me about what's going on in Memphis Wrestling. They ask about Hulk Hogan. I don't think Hogan is scheduled for any shows, but I could be wrong. They plugged it on TV for a while... so maybe there's a surprise coming? Who knows? What happened between Kevin White and myself? Well, simply put, Kevin didn't want to tag with me anymore. And to be honest, I'm not kicking his ass everyweek now because I just really don't care to. There's bigger fish to fry in that company... and bigger opportunities by myself. We all know that the baggage of a partner can always weigh you down. I have even been asked why DK is being in the main events as of late. I've had several people ask me about that. Well, how bout this for an answer? DK is good enough to main event Memphis Wrestling. I might not like the back-stabbing prick... but he's not too shabby in the ring. (can't beat me though)

    FOOT INJURY: "The injury is healing very well. I've been resting it this week. Not tough leg workouts and not a whole lot of running and such like usual. I switched over to the bike for the week. It's hard enough as it is. I should be at about 100% by next week. I'm probably at about 85% right now. Just tweaked it a bit."

    SEATBELT TICKET: "Nope. I haven't paid it yet. Still sitting in the card where I left it. I guess I do need to get on that one, eh?"

    "Thanks for reading. Anything else you want to know about, just drop me a line."

    FEBRUARY 9TH, 2007

    "A rediculous thing happened to me last week. I want to tell everyone about it, real quick. It's kinda funny actually. But then again, some of you will think I'm out of my mind when I express my feelings about it. Here goes:"

    "I'm in my car, driving to a wrestling show. I'm going the speed limit. Trust me, I've spent WAAAY too much money over the last six years on tickets... I don't need another one. That's a big thing. You go to the show and get a ticket going there or back... you just blew the whole payoff because you gotta fork out the cash to fix the ticket. Anyway, I'm on my way to a show, I look in the rear-view mirror and I see blue lights. It's during the daytime... sun is still out. I just happened to see the lights. I pull over. I knew I wasn't speeding, I knew I wasn't swerving, I hadn't been drinking (thank GAWD!)... what was the problem? We're in Germantown, TN. It's like a richy part of Memphis. It's almost pathetic, to a certain extent. If you live in Germantown, that means 'you have money.' I pull out my driver's license (they're clean, no warrants), I had them to the cop as he gets to the car. Here's the conversation:"

    "Sir, do you know why I pulled you over?"

    "No, sir. Why?"

    "Well, you aren't wearing your seatbelt..."

    "Uummm, what? Are you frickin' kidding me? I'm not wearing my seatbelt? I didn't say that, but I wanted to! SEATBELT!? That's a law now? It's actually a law in some cities that if you aren't wearing your seatbelt then you can get a ticket. So, wait a minute... let's get this straight... I can get pulled over and get a ticket for NOT WEARING A SEATBELT? Something that protects ME? Not anyone else! Not like I'm going to harm anyone by NOT WEARING IT! But I can get a ticket for that? I can get a ticket for not wearing my seatbelt, but they don't give tickets out for smoking next to me in a restaurant? (you smokers just shut up and listen) People smoking next to me in a restaurant can give not only themselves cancer... but can give ME cancer too... and they don't get a ticket for THAT but I can get a ticket for NOT WEARING MY SEATBELT? HA!"

    "So, you have smoking and drinking alcohol that can hurt yourself and others... but those are totally legal. (to an extent) But me not wearing my seatbelt... that's ILLEGAL? I couldn't say anything to the cop except for just laugh at it. He took my license and ran my record and all... then, brought the ticket to me to sign. It's twenty bucks for not wearing the seatbelt... TWENTY BUCKS! He must make commission or something. Why else would the state even give a crap for me not wearing my seatbelt. I'm grown. I'm 24 years old. If I can make decisions such as buying a house, buying a car, drinking, smoking, paying bills, working, and choosing what color underwear to put on for the day... why can't I decide if I wanna wear my seatbelt or not? It blows my mind."

    "Just wanted to get that off my chest. It's just mind-boggling to think about some stuff that our country does in order to make money. As if taxes aren't enough. They just keep finding more and more ways to make money off us citizens. I hope I'm not the only one who feels this way."

    "Hope everyone likes the new look of the site. See you on the road (with my seatbelt on).

    JANUARY 29TH, 2007

    "It's been a wicked few days for me."

    "First, I wrestle in Rector, AR against Brian Christopher. Defending the LAW title... and BOOM! I smash Brian's head in with a steel chair and bust him wide open. Great. You know that's never a good thing. Then, I go to Dyersburg to wrestle for NBW... and get the frickin' cops called on me and almost go to jail. Those people over there are morons. Everyone of them are. THEN, as if that didn't take the cake... I get home to read about how many bridges I've burned, how much of an ego I have, and how I'll never have a show to wrestle on again (if I keep this up). The story gets published on the net, and it's all scrambled beyond beleif. It's all one person's fault... BRIAN TRAMEL."

    "RasslinRiotOnline.Com is a cool site. But when there's just nothing going on, Brian seems to post every little story on me... but makes his own little twists in there. Brian Tramel and I are friends. But when a friend gets out of line... I let him know about it. HERE'S the true story:"

    "I wasn't wanted in Dyersburg from day one. The Walkers (Dale & Sandra) own the building. They don't like me for some reason. Although I wrestled for them for over TWO YEARS and got paid peanuts and popcorn! Never was out of line with them... I was loyal. Now, all of a sudden they don't like me and don't want me there in their building from day one. That's the first thing. Second, they are so two-faced, they're trying to steal the company right out from under their brother-in-law, Jeff McDonald. They don't want a PIECE of the pie... they want the WHOLE PIE! So, that's the 2nd thing. They are such trash and garbage that they want to steal a wrestling company from their own family. So, in other words... they want to hurt NBW by getting rid of the best thing they have. And that's ME."

    "It was brought to my attention that my out-of-control fighting in the crowd (in a match with Alan Steel) and my fun and horseplay in the dressing room is bringing down what they've already built. That was told to me while all this locker room junk was going on. And the truth is, I told this to their face, too... They weren't building anything until I got there. I built that crowd. Their house was up over $100 this week. I've been there for only three weeks and it's already up. The proof is in the pudding. The people wanna see me get beat up. I did what I said I would do. I drew. AND it will only get better. And for the record, me and Brian Christopher fought in the crowd on Friday night... no big deal for some reason. Go figure."

    "As I was about to leave the building the other night, Dale Walker entered the dressing room and yelled for me to get the F out of there. There were words thrown back and forth. That's when Jeff McDonald and Allen Walker decided to bow up a little... only to get shoved aside. Who do they think they are? I'll take them both by myself. Dale threatened to call the police. I told him to go right ahead. And he did. But when the cops arrived... they said they had been called out because I ASSAULTED a kid! HAHA! Assault! He called because I didn't leave fast enough! He's a lying son of a bith, and tried to get me thrown in jail for nothing! HAHA! Didn't work, Dale. Sorry to tell you that."

    "I'm not going into the whole detail of the story, but horseplay was all that happened and all of a sudden, I'm ASSAULTING A KID! New Blood Wrestling is going to die within the next few months. It'll be a surprise if it lasts over 90 days with the way things are going there. It's nothing but the Walkers trying to take over the company. It'll never work that way."

    "Brian Tramel, I have a few words for you. This is your quote on your site:"

    "The question I keep asking myself is how many bridges can Dustin Starr burn??? Will he be accepted at TLCW with open arms?? Or will the promotions around here finally decided he is not worth the drama they are putting up with??"

    "Burning bridges? Who said I'm going back to TLCW? I'm full of drama? Who's having to put up with me? Yeah, Brian, who wants to put up with a class A athlete that draws money. You said it yourself, my angles get over. I haven't burned ANY bridges. As long as I can work for WWE, TNA, or Memphis... I haven't burned any bridges. Stop buying into the hype. If I want to work in Arkansas on Saturday nights, I can. If I want to go to Mississippi on Saturday nights, I can. If I want to work in Tennessee on Saturday nights, I can. I can do those things on ANY night... not just Saturdays. I don't need NBW. I don't need TLCW. I don't HAVE to do anything. I do what I want, when I want. That's why I love this business. I'm not bound by any agreements. I can work wherever I want. And people will put up with me because of what I can do for them."

    "Here's another quote of yours:"

    "Starr has almost built this character of being a trouble maker in the dressing room and the bad luck is following him. But, as I stated earlier, how much is too much and the promoters decide they do not need the drama. When over confidence turns to arrogance there is usually someone there to bring you down."

    "It's not arrogance... it's a swagger. I have that swagger that those promoters want in their locker room and more importantly, in their ring. Saturday night was bad luck, yes. It was a stupid attempt to 'show me'. You know how that goes. And about me being a trouble maker in the locker room. Let's see here. Seth Knight spits on me, and I beat him up. I think he deserved it. Derrick King is disrespectful in the locker room, and I tell him to stick it in his ass. In NBW, Dale, Alan & Jeff disrespect me and I told them to fuck off. You tell me where I'm wrong. I just defend myself because I've been in this business too long to let someone run me over. Treat me with respect and you'll get it in return."

    "And to all my critics who think they know everything that's going on:"

    "You either love me or love to hate me. Plain and simple. I love the critisism because you're ALL wrong. When I sign a contract one day for WWE, I'm sure the same critics who bad mouth me now will be the same ones saying, 'I told you he'd make it one day!' You love me because you never know what's going to happen next. Just sit back and enjoy the ride, because 2007 is going to be nothing short of a FIVE STARR EXPLOSION!"

    JANUARY 14TH, 2007

    Things sure have changed in the last few weeks. I went from being the top guy in TLCW... to the top guy in NBW, within a few weeks. Let's get started on a few topics, shall we?


    Now, I'm a shooter. So, I hope I don't hurt anyone's feelings here, but I probably will anyway. You know how that goes.

    DEBUT : I could not have been happier. There is no way possible. When I walked through the front door, I was just about to walk into the arena when a guy came out of the concession stand door. He stopped in his tracks... almost like I was a spy from another country and he had caught me red-handed. He was frozen with his eyes as big as golf balls. He stood there a second and said, "You're FIVE STARR, aren't you?" I replied, "That's right." He waited a second and smiled real big, "What are you doing here? I never thought I'd see you here." I told him plain and simply, "Stick around and you'll find out." I headed through the doors and right into the arena. The heads all turned at once and they had the look of total shock on their faces. Silence... and Mo (in the ring) says, "What's he doing here?" All eyes on me, as I walk around the ring. Then, the crowd began to go crazy. They loved seeing me there. They knew who I was and I'm sure they knew why I was there. The reaction from the crowd was better than I ever expected. They hated me good... real good. The match was perfect too. Alan Steel is probably the best wrestler I've ever been in the ring with. He's unbeleivable. You wouldn't be able to appreciate that unless you've actually wrestled him. This thing is gonna be huge. And by the time I'm done in NBW, everyone will see why I have such a high opinion of myself. And most of all, Mo and all the rest of the boys will know what kinda drawing power I really have. If you didn't see this week's show, you might wanna check it out, next week. I've got something very good planned.

    FANS : There was over one hundred people in the house. I can honestly say that there was not one single person there that didn't go home that night and tell a friend or relative, "Dustin Starr was there tonight. It was great." They might boo me and jeer me... but they love me. There was people waiting after the show in the parking lot. Not to beat me up, but just to see me off. It's a whole breath of fresh air.

    LOCKER ROOM : Here we go. You can't wait to read this, can you? You know I'm about to blow someone up. But to be honest, almost everyone was very professional. Mostly everyone came over and shook my hand when they saw me. Mo made it a point that his boys wouldn't jump on me when I went into the dressing room. I took Mo at his word.

    The only one who gave me a cold-shoulder all night and didn't come and speak to me first was... you guess it, Tank. I thought this was funny as hell. Tank must still be pissed at me for putting him in the Hall of Shame. But you know what? This is the kinda action that keeps you in the Hall for a long time. So, Tank... I finally got to meet you. My pleasure. I'm gonna really have fun with this.

    The Cowboys were there. I hate being trapped in a small area with these dudes. You'd just have to be there. I really do love Big Nasty Bill. He's one of the nicest dudes you'll ever meet in your life. I really do think he'd give me the shirt off his back if I asked him to. He's just that kinda guy. But on the other hand, I'd love for him to be on my side in the case of a fight. If you know what I mean. His partner, on the other hand, is an annoying shit. Murdock is annoying as hell and he knows it. He plays it up just to get on your nerves.

    Jerry Weezy was there. Nothing of note, I know. He's horrible.

    Phoneix X and Griffin X have the worst gimmick ever. I hate it. That's my opinion. But guess what? To me, that's the only opinion that counts. I just don't like it. They're weight combined is my weight total.

    Jeremy Moore... I know you're reading this. And I know you're loving this, right now. But all I have to say about Jeremy is that not only is he the biggest Jon Michael mark ever... but I can tell already that he's the biggest FIVE STARR mark, too. AND on top of that, he has the DIRTIEST HAIR-STYLE in the business today! I saw his match, too. I know why they call him the "Upset Kid". I was REALLY UPSET that I had to sit there and watch it! You're picture will be going up shortly, Jeremy. Will you make the dreaded Hall of Shame?

    This locker room makes me want to get drunk before I go to the show next week. I might need a few shots just to take the woof off.

    THE SHOW : The show was good, as well. I can't complain. A little more experience for this crew and they'll be rockin' it. That's where I come in. Alan, Mo, and myself. Experience is the key to success. You have to go through a lot in this business just to learn certain things. Psychology is one that you don't learn over night. Hopefully, some of these dudes can learn some pretty quickly. They like the high-risk stuff. So, on any given NBW card, you could very well see someone break their neck. So, that's excitement, if you like that kinda stuff. Those of you who enjoyed the show, this week... wait til you see next week. I have some pretty hot stuff planned. Alan Steel... beware

    RASSLINRIOTONLINE.COM AWARDS : First thing's first. How in the HELL did tie with my site? Are you kidding me? That site is aweful. It's nothing more than a glorified message board. I hate the site. Nothing personal towards Jimmy... but his site is just as annoying as he is. For those of you who think his site is better than mine, you're out of your frickin' minds.

    Anyway, I am proclaiming DUSTIN STARR.COM the one and only, undisputed WEB SITE OF THE YEAR! So, I took that award easily. We all know what site is number one around here. But not only did I win THAT award, I also took another one that's actually more important!

    HORIZON STAR OF THE YEAR! I took this award without a real challenge. For those of you who tell me that the boys and fans don't like me cuz I'm a jerk... well, they must have a little respect for me. Somehow I swept the awards. That just goes to show you what ability can overcome. Not saying I'm the best... but I must be damn close. I would like to thank DK and Alan Steel for competing against me in this category... well, I guess you REALLY can't call it competing if I won so easily... but nonetheless, thanks for participating guys. If you thought 2006 was a great year for FIVE STARR... wait til you see what happens in 2007, baby!

    And what's this stuff I'm reading about me being the #6 Wrestler of the Year? Here's how it shook down:
    10: Motley Cruz - Okay, I can live with that
    9: Seth Knight - You kiddin' me? How did HE get on this list?
    8: Alan Steele - This guy should be in the top five, no doubt
    7: Reno Diamond - Shouldn't be anywhere near the top ten.
    6: Dustin Starr - Sixth? SIXTH?
    5: Chris Rocker - I can live with this
    4: Danny B - Haven't seen him at ONE show this year
    3: Austin Lane - Disagree with the rank
    2: Flash Flanagan - Very deserving
    1: Derrick King Very deserving

    Look at the list. Look at it hard. I know it's being made off nominations for Wrestler of the Year... but who the hell is nominating these guys? I want to make one thing crystal clear: I like everyone on this list (except DK & Seth). I really do. But from a whole different stand-point, it's crazy and in-accurate.

    I should be #3 at worst. Flash and DK have done well for themselves around here and everywhere else. They're good. Austin Lane, honestly, haven't seen him any this year. Haven't seen him in SIX YEARS to be perfectly honest. I think if he's #3, I should've seen or heard about him. Danny B, I didn't even know was wrestling anymore. I love Danny. But I used to see him every few shows... but I haven't seen him at all lately. Not even in the results. Rocker has done well on Memphis. Reno should not be on the list. Not cuz he sucks. But just because there's a lot more deserving. Alan should be higher. He's actually GREAT. Seth is a joke on this list. And Motley, I agree with.

    Here's how it SHOULD look:

    10: Motley Cruz
    9: Alex Krisis
    8: Kevin White
    7: Chris Rocker
    6: Chris O'Neal
    5: Tim Grind
    4: Alan Steel
    2: Flash Flanagan
    1: Derrick King

    That's the list. Alan was on RAW and had WWE spots, this year. Tim was a major player in making TLCW what it is, as well as being a Southern Tag Champion in Memphis. O'Neal was involved in a huge way at TLCW. Rocker was all over the place. Kevin White held the Southern Tag Titles on prolly four different occassions. Alex has made an impact. He was on RAW, too, remember? Motley is Motley. He's everywhere, and he's good. That's how the list SHOULD look. BT, thank me later for fixing it for you.

    Until next time.

    JANUARY 3RD, 2007

    I really hate when this happens. There comes a time in everyone's life where a friend says something that could possibly be the dumbest thing ever. What do you do? Do you keep quiet? Or do you say something about it? Well, if you're a good enough friend, you say something about it. You try and set the record straight... and that's what I'm going to do right now.

    The friend I'm talking about? SIR MO.

    I wasn't going to say anything because I think it's SOOO rediculous... but after I've read another e-mail from him to Brian Tramel, I have no other choice. If you haven't read the articles, go to They're plastered all over the news section. Read them, then come back and read my response.

    Here it is:

    First thing's first... I spoke with Jeff (NBW's owner) about coming in to work for NBW. That's no secret, anymore. (Thanks, BT) I get a text message from Alan Steel (whom works for NBW). He tells me that Jeff McDonald wants to speak with me. I called Alan up and got Jeff's number and got the scoop. Jeff wants to offer me a spot with NBW. Fine. I'll listen to his ideas and what's on his mind. I had no intention of leaving TLCW, and I told Jeff that. But I'd be dumb not to at least LISTEN to the offer. So, JEFF wanted ME. NBW wanted FIVE STARR... I never went to them looking for work... THEY CAME TO ME. Let's get that straight. Jeff had some very good things to say, and he even promised me some money. Not a lot. About the same I am making with TLCW. I tell him that I would think about it and get back to him. Well, later that evening, Mo calls me up out of the blue. He re-nigs on the deal that Jeff offered me. He said that he'd like for me to prove my drawing power. Hold on a second here. PROVE MY DRAWING POWER? Why should I PROVE MY DRAWING POWER... when YOU CAME TO ME ASKING ME TO WORK!? Either you want me or you don't. Why should I PROVE it to you... I must have ALREADY done that in order for you to want to OFFER ME A JOB! It's funny, really.

    Anyway, Mo offers a lot less money guaranteed. Why would I WANT to leave? It doesn't make sense. But there's no doubt in my mind that I would draw more than what they are right now. I'd make sure of that. I wouldn't come alone, either. I promise you that. I tell Mo that I have no intention of leaving again. But I AM thinking about it. And I've thought long and hard about it. Just to prove myself to EVERYONE, not just Mo.

    Mo makes a lot of statements that can be questioned. There's one in there about Flash and Dundee being the only people that could really be considered as "in the business" because of what they've done. Well, let's see here... Derrick King has been there and done that. Might not be to the level that Flash and Bill did, but he's DONE IT ALL. He's been working for over 14 years. He's worked for Memphis, WWE, OVW, TNA... everywhere. Excuse me, I think I've been on Memphis TV since I started in this business over 6 years ago. I've worked in all the same places: Memphis, WWE, OVW, TNA. There is a whole locker room full of guys in TLCW that have done a lot in this business (except Seth Knight, Golden Boy, etc.). So, for Mo to say that we aren't "really in the business" is CRAZY.

    Mo even goes on to say what he thinks about the guys with their "superstar attitudes" and how they think they're gonna get rich on the indy scene. For Mo to say something like that is rediculous again. Everyone knows you're not gonna get rich at this level... but you like to be appreciated. And Mo saying that noone in this area is worth more than $10 or $15 is a slap in the face. I won't lace up my frickin' boots for $10. It's the principal. I hope you're reading this Mo because I consider you a friend... but sometimes friends forget important aspects of the past. Back about four or five years ago, I worked for you a lot. I set your ring up... FOR FREE. I wrestled your shows... FOR FREE. I tore the ring down and put it back on the trailor... FOR FREE. I did that week in and week out. I set up the ring you wrestled in at PowerPro every single week... FOR FREE. I did all that... FOR FREE. I did it for several YEARS. I did it for two reasons: to earn your respect and to pay my dues. And if you think that noone around here has paid dues, you need to look again, brother. How quickly you forget. That's not a "concept" that I'VE forgotten. And for you to think that noone around is worth more than a few bucks, why don't you go in your locker room and tell the boys that put your show on that same very thing. Your Heavyweight Champion, Kilo, isn't worth more than $10? Is that what you're saying? Or are you telling him that famous saying: "Guys, the door is down. It'll get better, I promise." You thinking THAT of your crew really makes me wonder if I EVER wanna work for you again.

    If you read Brian Tramel's response to Mo, you know that I agree with him 100%. Brian's right on all aspects, and I appreciate the fact that he can stand up and say so.

    There are so many things that can and need to be said. I might not be able to hit them all. Mo can feel free to call me anytime and we'll discuss all this. I'm not mad. I'm just trying to let a friend know that he said some messed up stuff. Then, Alan Steel's name was brought up. Alan and Mo are tight. Everyone knows that. They've tagged up several times. They're good friends. But I think it's funny that Mo says there aren't any guys worth more than $10 or $15, but he turns around and pays Alan whatever he wants because they're friends. Mo stated that in the second e-mail. So, that just goes to show you. I feel sorry for the guys in that locker room at NBW. I feel sorry that Mo actually feels the way he does about his crew. He must not think much about them. So, before I head on over to Dyersburg and NBW, I'll get a GUARANTEED PAY OUT. Not a "downside guarantee". And if I happen to lose the loser leaves TLCW match this weekend, I'll find a place to work that acually appreciates their locker room.

    Sir Mo, here's my final statement: We're friends. We have been a LONG time. We HAVE done it ALL together. You know that. You said it first. But, your e-mails are NUTS. And those e-mails have earned you a spot on the FIVE STARR HALL OF SHAME. And you'll even get a few FIVE STARR QUOTES, too. But that's what I think of your e-mails, so call me up and we'll talk about it.

    Thanks you very much.

    DECEMBER 17th, 2006

    Here's the story:

    I posted an article last week on exactly what I thought about Seth Knight. He's a loser, he sucks in the ring, he looks horrible, he reminds me of Screech from Saved by the Bell, and about how he refuses to lose because he thinks he's something that he's not. I even said that he should do us all a favor and quit the wrestling business because he's nothing more than a JOKE. Well, I stand behind those statements and apparently he didn't like them.

    Nothing was said the entire show on Saturday night in Ripley, TN. It's a known fact that I do not like Seth and he doesn't like me. That's fine. I can work with people that I don't like. I'm working with Chris O'Neal and I hate him, too. That's proof right there. So, I didn't go in talking to him really. I said hello and so did he (Seth). Finally, I guess it was eating him up inside his gut, so he finally had to make mention of me posting about him on my site. I laughed at him and told him that I can post whatever I want on there. He was just asking what it was all about and I told him. He knows I don't like him or his work. I just thought that him asking about it let me know that it bothered him.

    Now, in this business, if you can bother someone with something THAT simple... you keep the pressure on that person. You HAVE to rib the hell out of them for the sake of fun. NOT for the sake of being a “bully.” So, I did what any other wrestler would do... I kept working it to it's fullest to get a reaction. Rumors of Seth being a “professional” are funny as hell because a professional would've laughed the ribbing off and not reacted the way he did. Go to WWE and tell me how much you get ribbed. Also, tell me exactly what would happen if you spit on one of their superstars. Exactly... you'd be FIRED and your ASS BEAT.

    So, as I'm ribbing with Seth for the sake of fun (at his expense), I squirt him with a water bottle. He doesn't react to it, so we all laugh. We all meaning the boys who were in the dressing room at the time. Everyone was laughing except two people: Seth and his boyfriend Golden Boy. More on him later. Finally, after a few squirts, I laughed at him because I knew it was eating him up and I told him that I was gonna get a reaction out of him. So, Seth being the “professional” that he is, he spit right on my chest. That's the GROSSEST thing possible. So, being the “bully” that I am... I asked a few of the veterans in the locker room what they would do in a situation like that and if I beat him up, would it be heat on me. The guys said they would beat him up and no, there would be no heat for it.

    Mind you, when I was asking around, it was partly in fun because I knew exactly what needed to be done. I knew I had to whip his ass or else I'd be a big pussy for NOT doing it. So, it was going to happen one way or the other. So what did I do? I walked up to Seth Knight and just told him that when I returned from the ring, I was going to punch him or slap him. I was going to beat his ass for spitting on me. I told him that he would learn a lesson. He would never spit on anyone else again. I turn to my left and who is there standing all bowed up to me? Golden Boy. What a frickin' joke. So, I tell him that if he wants some when I'm done with Seth (his boyfriend), that I'd whip his ass too.

    Let me get something straight. I'm not a fighter. I hate to fight. But when it's necessary, I'll do it. When it has to be done, I'll do it. And on that Saturday night, it had to be done. So, I did it.

    Before I went to the ring, everyone knew what was going to happen when I came back. So, when I returned, I walked through the door of the dressing room and he's the first person I saw. So, I punched him right in the head. I could've hit him in the nose or the eye or something that would've done some good damage... but I wasn't trying to hurt him. I wasn't trying to cause damage. Hell, I had no intention of fighting, UNTIL he spit on me. I punched him right in the head and he lunged for me. I'm 225 pounds and he's probably 175. He actually tried to take me down... to no avail. I hooked him. I choked him down. I punched him numerous times in the ribs and back. And then, I slammed him onto the concrete. I wouldn't say I beat the shit out of him... I didn't want to. I just wanted to teach him a lesson. After I slammed him to the concrete and preceded to choke him... Bishop pulled me off. We were separated... and I told Seth to his face the reason I did that. I told him that he had to learn the hard way about spitting on people... and he did. After the fact, Bishop joked about me knocking his food on the floor when I took Seth down. And after the fight, I saw no sign of Golden Boy looking to take his turn. Figures.

    That's the story. That's what happened. I expect to be suspended from TLCW... and that's fine. It's just amazing to me that I would be suspended for being a man and doing what needed to be done. Doesn't make sense to me. Seth should be punished alone for his spitting incident. All the boys who I spoke with after the fight all loved the fact that it happened. A few of them even told me that they wanted to kick Seth while I had him down.

    See, the fact is this, Seth Knight: NOONE LIKES YOU. You're a goof. You think you know everything about the business and you don't. You talk too much... and you don't know what you're talking about. At least the people who don't like me, don't like me because I'm an asshole... NOT because I'm a nothing-knowing goofball like you. You're the shits in the ring... you're the shits outside of the ring.

    End of the story is this: I HAD TO TEACH SETH KNIGHT A LESSON...

    ...THE HARD WAY.

    Thank you very much.

    DECEMBER 16th, 2006

    There's a little website by the name of (cheap plug). Brian Tramel does the site and does a very nice job, I think. Anyway, he's doing a special for the end of the year where you can vote in certain categories for awards. Well, he sent out nomination forms to hand-selected people... and I was one of them. I just wanted to share some of my nominations with all of you and why I did this. Now, I WON'T tell you who I'd vote for... but I WILL tell you who I nominated. Now, for each category I could nominate FIVE people... kinda coincidental, huh? Anyway, I can't vote for myself and wouldn't anyway. Now, these are in no particular order... just the order I thought of them, I guess. Now, let's get to it, shall we?

    Wrestler of The Year - WHO DRAWS MONEY?

    Flash Flanagan - He's done quite a bit around the area. Also, I think in Ripley, he's a pretty huge reason why the company is drawing so well. Not only for the things he's done backstage with his mind for the business... but he's a helluva heel and a great Champion. The people hate his guts and want to see him get his ass kicked every week. He puts butts in the seats and he's just a great worker. I think he deserves it, for this area.

    Derrick King - Well, duh. He's on Memphis TV and is really over everywhere he goes. He books, he draws, and he's everywhere. How could you NOT nominate DK?

    Who else is there? - Really? I could be like everyone else and vote for King. But I thought I'd just be the one dude who doesn't vote for him this time around. Plus, I like to save it for the guys around here that bust their asses... and quite frankly, I can't think of another guy that would be deserving of a nomination for Wrestler of the Year.

    Best Damn Performer of The Year

    Tim Grind - I love hearing this dude on the mic. He's funny, he gets heat, and he can work. Tim Grind plays a goofy character on Memphis and it's funny. But at the other shows, he's a badass heel and he's great like that too. He's deserving.

    Tatt2 - Have you seen what this guy can do in the ring? He can do all kindsa stuff. Flips, kicks, jumps... you name it. I like watching him fly, beleive it or not. He weighs two pounds, but has a great opportunity to make it somewhere on athletic ability alone.

    Flash Flanagan - There he is again. I think the world of Flash. He can single-handedly make a guy get over like rover. He's smooth in the ring. I like watching him perform.

    Derrick King - Duh, again. Have you seen DK work? Have you seen DK on the stick (not THAT stick)? When he's on, he's on. And most nights, he's on. Especially, if he's had a few "sodas."

    Stan Lee - I almost hate to nominate this guy. I think he's lazy. He doesn't like coming to the shows, but when he does, he can do some stuff, man. He's always been acrobatic in the ring, and now he's getting smarter in there. His work ethic needs to come up... but I like watching him do some of the stuff he's capable of doing.

    Tag team of The Year - WHO DRAWS MONEY?

    Picture Perfect (JM & CJ) - Jon Michael and Christian Jacobs is the version I like... the ONLY version if you ask me. Chris O'Neil I'm not a fan of. Anyway, this team can draw. The people love them and they're good. What else do you need? In Ripley, in Memphis, in Arkansas... you name it and they can help you get a crowd.

    Hot Topic (DK & Stan) - They've done well in Puerto Rico and all around this area. Again, the people love to see them. They've been Southern Tag Champions (til Kev & I beat them for it). They are hot as hell in Ripley, too. No doubt, they belong here.

    Too Cool 2 (Tim & Flex) - Tim and Flex are funny and entertaining. I love to watch them and love to wrestle them. They're good dudes, and they have finally gotten what they deserve in Memphis.

    Black Out Squad (Bishop & Oz) - I have never seen a tag team get over so quickly. They have so much heat in Ripley it's not even funny. This team came from nowhere and now they're one of my favorite teams. Love these dudes. I won't tell you their nicknames.

    Filthy Freaks (Tim Grind & Matt Foley) - How the hell did Matt Foley make the list? I'll tell you how, he gets HEAT! Grind and Foley brought TLCW to a whole 'nother level a few months back. They were the most hated team I have seen in a long time. I give them props for taking the spotlight and actually running with it. Great job, this year.

    I will cover more later. I just got a new ballot in and I have to come up with some others. I hope you like reading what I think about these guys. They're almost all my friends... but if you can't tell the truth to your friends, who can you tell it to? If I like what they do, I say. If I don't, I say. That simple.



    There's been a lot of speculation as to why TLCW is drawing so many people... and why there's such a buzz around the Mid-South about it. And for those who don't know, TLCW is a promotion in Ripley, TN that has been just blowing the fans away with non-stop action each and every week. Giving the people what they want to see every week, is why they come back. Right?

    Well, for this first BLOG on DUSTINSTARR.COM, let me tell you why _I_ think we're doing so well. I'll limit it to FIVE reasons (no pun intended... well, maybe pun)

    5) THEY SPEND MONEY! Spending money is a key factor in making money. Everyone knows that. But what do they spend money on? Well, let's just say that none of the boys in the locker room are getting "rich" off the show. What I mean by spending money is that they put their money into the show to make it better. They have a brand new set that they just built. It costs money to do stuff like that. I'll try to get pictures for everyone to see. But they have a ramp with the desk... banners... the building is painted with the logo... the door has the logo plastered on it with vinyl, and it looks VERY professional... new bathroom... and they even built the boys a brand new locker room! Now, this might not sound like a whole lot to you, but when you add it to what they already have. A good ring... big screen (TLCW TRON) for better viewing... production room in the back... monitors... great music... cordless mics. You name it. This show could produce television easily with what they have. They have invested money to make this show the best around.

    4) LOYAL FANS! Beleive it or not, fans DO make the show. If they aren't into what you do, then forget about it. These people are there each and every week... and they bring friends and family. Word of mouth is the best seller. Especially, since TV and radio is so expensive to advertise on. We see the same fans every week, and now we're getting a whole new crowd from Dyersburg. And Dburg is thirty minutes away! These people are taking small road trips to see us! They're loud, they're passionate about the wrestling, and they stay until the ENTIRE show is over (and that can be late at times).

    3) LOCKER ROOM! Now, you'll never hear me talk about how the boys ALL get along. Cuz that's a load of crap. I actually don't really like very many people in the locker room. Want examples? Okay, here we go: Chris O'Neal, Seth Knight, Tucker, Weezy, Eric Hayse, Bisquit... I'm thinkin'. There's a ton of dudes in the locker room that I CAN'T STAND! But, I go in there and do what needs to be done and get through it. I think it's because I know we have to all work together to make this happen. Plus, I'll just beat their asses when we get in the ring, anyway. There's other people who dislike other people, too. But truth is, we all put up with one another's egos just long enough to get the job done.

    2) BOOKING! You can have the best crew around, but if you don't know how to put them into the right angle or story, you got NOTHING. And this group knows how to put people in the right place, so they can have their spot on the card. You can give three guys credit: DK, Stan, and Flash. But I like to throw most of the credit to the mind of Flash. He's a genius. A mad sceientist, if you will. He's come up with some of the best plots and attacks that I've ever seen. Just wait til you see what I have in store for Chris O'Neal. Again, there's a lot of experience here. They have seen it all and done it all. They know what they're doing and they stick with it.

    1) TALENT! It's plain and simple... TLCW has the best crew of wrestlers around. Let's list a few: Flash Flanagan, Derrick King, Stan Lee, Black Out Squad, Picture Perfect, Kevin White, Bill Dundee, Tatt2, Pokerface, The Posse, Chris O'Neal, and of coarse they have FIVE STARR! That crew right there would be a dream crew for anyone. That crew is better than the TV crew they have in Memphis. You can mix any of those workers around and make a great card. Me, Flash, DK, Poker, and Dundee have all worked for WWE, TNA, NWA, PowerPro, Memphis... lots of experience there. The crew rules, pure and simple. The best one out there. And like I stated in number two... they actually know how to utilize each guy to get the best results.

    I've tried to put it as simple as I can. But until you actually show up and look at the one hundred and eighty screaming fans every week in that small building... you won't fully understand. So, if you love wrestling... and you want a very good show for a good price, I suggest you come and watch. You'll definitely love it.

    That'll do it for this edition of the FIVE STARR BLOG. Until next time...

    - FIVE STARR -